Yuriba Trading Cards

The Yuriba Trading Cards, introduced in April of 2008, are a series of cards featuring inhabitants of the island in Trading Card format. The cards are produced and sold by Kaleaithne.


Original Series

Released in April of 2008, the Original Set of Yuriba Trading Cards carried no theme, simply showing pictures of those on the cards. The original set included 37 cards divided into Super Rare, Rare, Semi-Rare and Common cards. The cards are as follows;

Super Rare: Yuriko

Rare: breisleach, Kaleaithne, Miyako, Lyra and Moriko

Semi-Rare: Sabriel, Rae, Athame, Ciara, Eimi, Rylia, Merin, Tanaku, Sparta and Shipon

Common: Nisa, Constance, Abryn, Symphony, Xeph, Riaru, Soled, Melina, Whisper, Coral, Nezuma, Chance, Siofra, Iessica, Mirabelle, Leona, Flame, Lisa_Moonbeam, Kayla and Slacker

Valentine's Series

Released in late January of 2009, the Valentine's set of Yuriba Trading Cards showed 26 of the inhabitants in lingerie, 3 polyamory groups as Gold Foil Cards and 7 couples as Silver Foil Cards. The 26 individual cards are divided into Rare, Semi-Rare and Common cards. The cards are as follows;

Rare: Kaleaithne, Rae, breisleach and Merin

Semi-Rare: Tanaku, Athame, Allya, Eimi, Morrigana, Sabriel, Abryn and Lyra

Common: Flame, Caoimhe, Ariah, Rylia, Tenshi, Nisa, Leona, Teagan, Kayla, Aeryn, Slacker, Nagisa, Pamela and Anna

Gold Foil: Kayla, Angela and Athame; Leona, Flame and Abryn; and Mirabelle, Juliet and Asuna Asagiri

Silver Foil: Thalamasa and Myria, Rae and Eimi, Sabriel and Aeryn, Nagisa and Lynn Vendaris, Cecily and Chinatsu, Ciara and Ishatha, and Lizz and Kitsune Inari

Legends Series

Released in June of 2012, the Legends set of Yuriba Trading Cards was produced for the tenth anniversary of Yuriba. The cards show 6 former and 21 current residents of the island.

Lilinium Grade: (Former Characters of Historical Significance.) Phil-chan, Dark_Ayanami, Amy Kou'ai, Genesis Magite and Hokuto

Gold Grade: (Town Council members with 10 years in game.) breisleach, Ruriko, Tanaku, Yuriko and Merin

Silver Grade: (Characters with 10 years in game.) Atara, Leona McAllistre, Flame, Thalamasa, Slacker, Fujiko and Eimi

Bronze Grade: (Characters with >5 years in game.) Rae, Shipon, Nagisa Vendaris, Lyra, Shay, Rylia, Mirabelle, Nisa, Miyako and Ciara

Pantheon Series

Released alongside the Legends Series, the first 'Special' series, and the first series to not feature Yuriban residents, the Pantheon series depicts the various deities of the Yuriban Pantheon.

Currently Released: Inishie and The Lady

Coming Soon: Akibimi, Amanohara, Chikyuu, Engetsu, Fuyuzora, Harumeku, Issui, Kaika, Kikoutei, Tenteisei, Tsuki, Zansho and Zokutou

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