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About Yuriba MUSH

Yuriba MUSH is a text-based multiplayer enviroment focused on social interaction and roleplay, that takes place on Yuriba, an isolated island most commonly correlated to the western Pacific ocean, some distance from Japan and located in a region known as 'The Devil's Triangle' which acts much like the better known Bermuda Triangle. Yuriba is difficult, if not impossible to accurately plot, due to its nature as a dimensional singularity; there is only one Yuriba that exists simultaniously in all worlds, and it is possible for people from many, many different realities to arrive here, in addition to it's native population.

Yuriba's native population is exclusively female; this extending beyond humans and other sentients races to the local fauna and even flora. Males are, for the most part, completely unknown to the native culture, and largely treated as a seperate race as a result; on those few occasions one might immigrate here, even unintentionally, they tend not to stay that way, and generally fit the native mold better than their original nature. It is in truth theorized that the island itself selects its residents, as it's exceedingly rare for any to find their way there that don't embrace it to some degree.

Life is largely concentrated in the central village of Yuriba, a fairly small hamlet of about half a dozen major streets. Residences are scattered widely across the more accessable places on the eastern side of the the isle. These accessable areas consisting of the village proper on the eastern coast, a large forest north of it, two mountains and a single volcano north of that, and the small sub island of Maboroshi linked via sandbar to the southeast. It is believed there is a significant amount of area to the west that is largely unexplored, as well as as a few areas, including one ruined and abandoned city to the northwest that are entirely inaccessible.

For the most part, Yuriba MUSH is intended as a light-hearted roleplaying setting, a place more for social interaction than high drama or extensive scripted plotlines. While occasionally something more significant may happen, for the most part what events do take place tend towards yearly festivals and holiday celebrations; most of the time people are encouraged to simply interact with one another, to explore the island itself and it's many hidden secrets, to enjoy the local history and culture that has developed, and most of all, to have fun.