Frequently Asked Questions

Yuriba MUSH? What?
'Yuriba' (百合場) means, roughly, 'lily field'; the word 'lily' being associated with lesbianism in Japan. 'MUSH' is a backronym for 'Multi-User Shared Hallucination', and is a form of text-based social platform suited to roleplay without extensive or overt game mechanics involved. Yuriba MUSH is a text-based world with a setting influenced by japanese culture and fiction, a strong lesbian theme, and designed for social interaction with plenty of things to talk about, to inspire roleplay, and just to explore.
And by 'explore' you mean --
If you want to. There are plenty of hidden secrets scattered around the island of Yuriba, but it's not required to seek them out in any way; it's merely something to entertain those who enjoy such things.
What restrictions are there for me to be to enter the MUSH?
By signing into the MUSH you affirm that you (the player) are at least eighteen years of age, due to the fact that while not the focus of the setting, adult situations are not explicitly forbidden either, and we need to cover ourselves again legal consequences. Beyond that all players are welcome; while all characters in the setting are female, we don't discriminate against male players.
How do I join in?
Take a look at the connection page for information on connecting to the server and getting started.
But I've never played on a MUSH/MUD/MUCK/etc before!
Thankfully, there are tutorials for that. If you would like to get an overview of basic commands, our Beginner's Guide is a good start. For those tricky social trip-ups, Claire Benedikt wrote a wonderful guide quite a number of years ago called Don't be a TinyJerk, a copy of which can be found here. And in any case, the playerbase is quite willing to offer help for those new to things, so feel free to ask questions if you're having trouble figuring something out.
Help! I'm lost/stuck!
As a first choice, always check the '+map' command, which should show you the local area with your current location marked in red. As well, nearly all places on the MUSH are built with exits (even if they aren't visible) such that you can always keep typing 'out' or 'o', and you will eventually end up at the Village Center. If you happened to wander into someone's private home that didn't follow this design, you can also always go 'home', or teleport to a few public places, such as: '@tel #69' (Village Center), '@tel #0' (Starting Hut), or '@tel #100' (Faerie Circle Clearing)
I want to make a map for my area too! How do I do that?
We have a guide up here to walk you through this (mildly complex, but mainly tedious) process.
The MUSH seems to be down. What's going on?
Though it's somewhat rare, there have occasionally been times when the MUSH has been offline or unreachable. Usually this is a network glitch, and will correct itself before too long (if this is the case, then the website will also be unreachable, and this FAQ significantly less helpful). Less commonly, the MUSH program may be down; this may be either due to program bugs from a bad patch, or the hosting server was rebooted and Yuriko hasn't had the opportunity to restart it yet.
For any reason, whatever it may be, there are still resources you can check for status updates. One is the front page of this website, where Yuriko (if she's aware and awake) will generally post a message if whatever downtime is occuring is beyond her ability to immediately fix and may take a while. Another is the MUSH mumble channel, for those of you who've set that up (for those who haven't, but are interested, instructions are on '+bbread 1/20' within the MUSH.)
If for some reason the server itself is down, neither of those (nor this document, for that matter) will be available, leaving the #shoujoaimush IRC channel on '' as the last recourse, where a staff member or two will likely be available to relay information (Yuriko usually idles in here all the time, but don't expect her to actually be paying attention unless something has broken).