Shoujo-Ai MUSH Help Resource

This is the index to the MUSH online help files.

For an explanation of the help system, type: help newbie
For a walkthrough of PennMUSH systems, type: help getting started

For the list of MUSH commands, type: help commands
For the list of MUSH topics, type: help topics
For an alphabetical list of all help entries: help entries
For information about PennMUSH: help code

For a list of flags: help flag list
For a list of functions: help function list
For a list of attributes: help attribute list
To see the configuration of this MUSH: @config

Use 'help <pattern>' to search for topic names that match the wildcard pattern <pattern>, or 'help/search <pattern>' for a list of topics whose text matches the wildcard pattern <pattern>.

On many MUSHes, list local commands with: +help

If there are any errors in the help text, please notify a wizard in the game, or file an issue at, which is the bug-tracking site for PennMUSH (and its distributed help files) but probably has no relation to this MUSH in particular.