OOC: Becoming a Guardian
Since the question has come up a lot lately, clarifying this seems helpful. The Guardians aren't those who protect people - they're a fairly religious role dedicated to protecting Yuriba as a place/land. Consequentially, the sort of things looked for in becoming one are:

1) Dedication to the land, not just the people.

2) Willingness to make sacrifices of one's self or others to protect the land.

3) A deep religious respect for nature; while most often followers of the native religion, those who follow other types of nature veneration sometimes become Guardians.

4) Having clearly settled on making Yuriba one's lifelong home.

Those more interested in a role in defense of people or the village or a cause may want to consider pursuing become a Sentry or a member of the Lily Blades.

The Guardians are a small group of inhabitants of Yuriba who have been chosen (whether by the island itself or by The Lady is uncertain) from out of the general populace. It appears that the criteria for being chosen requires a strong devotion to and love of Yuriba. Their role seems to be dedicated to the protection and preservation of the natural state of things on the island; as such, typically only long-term residents or native beings are chosen as Guardians. It does appear that they are, to some degree, the equivalent of a police or guard force, as those chosen tend to be capable in defensive matters, either magical or physical. However, their primary duties tend to involve dealing in major threats, whether of spiritual nature or in the realm of natural disasters. The currently known active Guardians are Atara, breisleach, Merin and Mirabelle O'Shea. More are believed to exist among the residents of Underhill, unknown to the population of the village. Whether or not this is the full contingent, those known Guardians have been overheard discussing concern over their numbers.

It appears that the Guardians are connected to or involved with the Sentries, either in their choosing or merely as a sister organization of protectors.

Legend states that the first Guardian was chosen in ages past after the appearance of a Green one of Tsuki's Tears, though if this is true or not is as uncertain as most other things relating to Guardians. Other legends date their existence back to the aftermath of the destruction of the Lily Civilization, suggesting that they may have been created in response to that tragedy.

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