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The MUSH has the following acceptable use policies. Violating these policies makes a player a good candidate for the sanctions listed at the bottom of this page. Sanctions are in escalating order of severity, not a menu; only in very rare cases will the higher ones be employed without the lower ones having been used (possibly repeatedly) with that particular player before. The admin are the final arbiters of what's a violation. Play nice. :)


Character Names

Your name should probably not have numbers or special characters (other than - or _) in it, and be seen as reasonable in a roleplaying environment. You can change your name by typing:

  @name me=newname

Race, Magical Powers, Genitalia, Age

As we are a MUSH that allows sexual RP, we no longer allow characters that visually appear under the age of 13, no matter their actual age. This same minimum applies to mental age; if your character has a 40 year old’s body and the mind of a 5-year old, you are still considered underage. This policy has no grandfather clause; any characters under the age limit will need to be brought up to the new one. While we realize many players do not engage in adult RP, we wish to provide as few opportunities for mis-steps as possible. NPC children ARE allowed, but any suggestion that they are being used in an inappropriate way will lead to immediate and severe sanctions.

If you wish to play a character who is non-human or has any powers exceeding human limits, you will need to request approval from a staff member while still in the newbie room. Ease of approval for the rest is typically dependent on, and directly inverse to, how counter-theme the character and abilities are to the theme of the MUSH.

If you wish to adjust your character's race or powers after creation, you can do so by paging a Newbie Helper or asking for one on +assist and they will work through the approval with you. Certain tarot cards may be seen as granting powers, specifically, those of flight, deep water swimming, great climbing skills, resisting the heat of lava, or walking through certain magically prepared stones. You do not need special approval to use or claim these abilities IC, but you are not required to act like you have them IC either.

Jusenkyou springs do not inherently add or grant powers, except for sometimes the same five mentioned above or minor cosmetic effects included in the default desc set after using a spring; if you want to have different or new powers based on your Jusenkyou effect, ask for them the same way as you would otherwise for adjusting a character after creation. If you are uncertain if a Jusenkyou effect is tied to any powers or abilities, page a staff member to check.

Characters must be female-identified, aka, they must consider themselves to be female. What that looks like is up to the individual player.

Public v Private; Dress, Sexual Activity, and RP

Global Limits

These rules apply at all times in terms of RP.

1) You are expected to have access to at least one clothed description at all times. Information on several types of multidescers to be used on the MUSH are available at the Community Portal link on the left side. If asked on a public road or at an event, you will change into it or leave the area politely.

2) Any characters involved in sexual RP MUST have a mental and physical age equivalent to or greater than 13.

3) RP operates on OOC consent, ie) you do not pose or assume other people’s actions without their IC permission, or place them into situations where they are coerced into only a single IC action. If you see a situation where someone’s IC consent is unclear, ask them in OOC or via page if they consented; if they did not, they have grounds to formally complain to staff about their RP partner.

While Yuriba is primarily an RP environment, OOC discussion is allowed. No one HAS to be IC at any given point in time, however, actions not preceded by the OOC command will be considered to be IC and treated as such. (Pages are commonly, but not universally also treated as OOC, and whispers are usually treated as IC.)

Where am I and what can I do there?

There are basically 4 types of areas in Yuriba:

The business’s owner and staff are the final arbiters of ICA=ICC in terms of the involvement of enforcement bodies and removal or banning of individuals from their business, and are allowed to impose consequences on others for violating their rules or for being disruptive. If the person entering an establishment dislikes the rules there, they should leave, unless they believe the rules somehow violate the global rules of the MUSH described in the above Global Limits heading.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts can be used for any purpose by players who have not registered characters, other than to do things which violate the AUP such as malicious coding, spamming or harassment.

Guest accounts can be used at any time by registered players. However, this is discouraged unless there is a good reason for it. The principal good reasons for a registered player to use the guest account are to contact staff if you're having difficulty accessing a character you've created or to test code. Discouraged reasons for a registered player to use the guest account are using the guest account to check who's logged on, or the last date someone logged on (this can be achieved by using the interactive query page and/or typing WHO at the login screen), using the guest account to roleplay, or pretending to be a legitimate guest.


To keep the database size manageable and good character names available,

  1. Players may be purged if they are inactive for more than 6 months. Players who do not have a description or other attributes on set on themselves and do not own any items may be purged after 7 days of inactivity. Players who are @set ON-VACATION may be purged after 10 months of inactivity. Unless an idle name is requested, players are not actually deleted until after 8 months (12 months for those set ON-VACATION) of inactivity.
  2. Grandfathered male characters exist under a special inactivity limitation: Unlike other characters, they may be purged after 45 days of idle time, or 3 months if set ON-VACATION.
  3. When players are purged, anything they own may be nuked or chowned to the MUSH (if it's publicly useful).
  4. We use building quotas to limit the number of objects a player can create. If you need an increase in building quota to create something that will be useful to the MUSH, speak to an admin, but be aware that approvals are extremely rare. Excessive quota sharing between your own characters is discouraged. There are methods in game to increase your quota, although they are relatively rare.
  5. So that others have more of a chance to play their favorite non-original character, no more than 4 of your characters can be a character from an anime/manga/game/etc. Duplicate feature characters are allowed.

Deleting your own character

To mark one of your existing characters for deletion, you must destroy all its objects and delete all its attributes by typing the following commands. Do not do this unless you are absolutely sure about deleting your character and its possessions, as it is not reversible!

  @link me=#0
  @dolist lsearch(me)=@set ##=!safe; @nuke ##
  @wipe me

Then, don't login to the character for approximately one week, and it will be automatically deleted.


No, you don't HAVE to be nice, but there are some basic courtesy rules you're expected to try and follow. Repeatedly ignoring these may be considered an indication you're not playing in good faith.


Don't go around peoples' areas and taking anything that you can pick up. Also, don't leave your own objects in public areas when you log off. Objects left in public areas that can be picked up can be placed in the Lost and Found in the Village Center.

If you want to make your objects hard to pick up, you might want to look at our help section on the wiki on setting locks, as a basic door lock will also limit who can pick up your object.

Items that may not be appropriate for all areas of the MUSH can be set DARK ('@set <thing>=DARK') so others can not see it in your inventory, or if you wish to keep your entire inventory private, you can use the OPAQUE flag ('@set me=OPAQUE').


The admins decide what constitutes harassment, in the interest of a pleasant game for everyone. The following are some guidelines, but NOT a complete list:

If anyone feels harassed or wonders if another's actions are considered harassment please be sure to make a record of the events in question and then speak with staff or the ombudswoman concerning it. They may advise you to +complain and include access to your record of the harassment.


The admins think that the AUP is clear enough for players of good faith, and broad enough to give the admin leeway in dealing with players of bad faith. But here are a few clarifying notes:

This is just a game. Play by the rules or find a game that has rules you like better.

The admin write and interpret these policies, and they are not subject to debate. Appeals of issues may be brought up with another admin, directed to our Ombudswoman (a person who monitors to make sure staff decisions are fair), or finally, appealed to Yuriko.

We consider an act 'unwelcome' if we don't welcome it, or if other players of good faith are offended or distressed by it.

A nice guideline is Don't Be A TinyJerk by Claire Benedikt available here.

Chat Channels


These are the general sanctions to which a player who violates the acceptable use policy above is subject and the general order in which they are applied. Repeating lesser sanctions rather than advancing to a stricter one may occur at the discretion of staff based on mitigating factors such as issues in differing areas or length of time since last issue.

  1. Verbal warnings from a staff member for minor issues.
  2. A written warning from the staff for major, or repeated minor, problems.
  3. Temporary jailtime (anywhere from a few day to a few weeks, depending).
  4. Permanant imprisonment of a character or characters unable to learn their lesson from the above.
  5. @sitelock is the last resort for players unable to play nice. Players may petition Yuriko at israphel@gmail.com to be reinstated, though if you've reached this point, such is unlikely. Evading a sitelock through changing service providers or anonymous proxy is grounds for immediate reinstatement of a sitelock upon admin confirmation.

Other sanctions are also possible, depending on the circumstances.


Leaving the Newbie Room

New players who have read these policies and agree to abide them can leave the Newbie Room by typing:

  agree to policies
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