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Welcome to the Yuriban Encyclopedia.

The Introduction to Yuriba will give you basic information on the island, however, YuribaWiki is intended to be a compilation of knowledge regarding the geography, history, magic, culture, society, zoology, and botany, as well as a few notable places that can found on the island of Yuriba. Entries regarding Yuriban residents can also be found here.

Please also be sure to read the Guidelines for posting and editing entries to the Wiki. Be aware that by adding entries, or editing existing entries on this Wiki, that you agree to follow the terms set within. Remember, this wiki is intended as a guide to the fictional island of Yuriba as it is portrayed on Yuriba MUSH.

If you have not yet registered, please do so! Not only will this help us track changes more readily, but it will also help us give credit where credit is due. Who knows, we might even pass you a cookie or two on the MUSH!

The Acceptable Use Policy is also hosted here.

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