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There are a few guidelines that should be followed when posting new content to the Wiki, or editing existing content.


Write in-character articles

All articles about Yuriba and Yuribans should be written from an in-character (IC) perspective.

There are a number of pages in the Yuribian Encyclopedia -- this one included -- which are actually written in an out-of-character (OOC) perspective. These pages are generally about the wiki itself; as they are not properly articles, such pages should almost always be in the Yuribian Encyclopedia namespace. This is done simply by naming the page so that it begins with The Yuribian Encyclopedia:. User and talk pages are also OOC, and are provided for your convenience and that of other Wiki editors.

Please keep in mind that user pages are distinct from articles about Yuribans: user pages are about players and must be OOC, while articles are about characters and must be IC.

If you must insert an OOC comment into an IC article, there is a convenient template for this purpose. However, if at all possible, try to phrase your comment in an in-character fashion.

Use Wiki style

We ask that you read the tutorial to help you understand how to use the Wiki's special features, as well as acquanting yourself with how a Wiki works. Pages should generally adhere to Wikipedia's standard layout format.

Additionally, wherever possible, pages should be written in a neutral point of view.

When editing, you may wish to first copy and paste the entry source to a text editor, such as Notepad or Textpad — or, if you are so inclined, emacs or vi. Edit or write your entry there, then refresh the entry's page, to ensure that no one else has previously edited the entry in the meantime. (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice.org, and other word processors are not text editors, and we strongly advise against their use for this purpose. If you must use such a program, please turn off "smart quotes" first! [1])

Leave footprints

All users are required to have a registered account to make edits, and to add new pages. This helps us keep track of who edits and adds what: it's difficult to give proper credit to an IP address.

Also, please note that when in the "Editing" screen, below the entry's text box, there is a "Summary" box. Fill in a short summary as to what you did, to better help us track changes.


Like many wikis, we require that art used on this wiki be used with permission - this means no uploading of copyrighted images. (Pictures from anime, commercial art, fanart you have not asked permission to use, etc.) When you post an image, you should include a note as to the creator and permissions of the art use whenever possible. Art that is of unclear origin may be deleted for legal reasons.

Respect wikiness; respect others

We admit that this may be a difficult pill to swallow, but please understand that no article on the the Wiki belongs to anyone. Any and all entries in the main namespace (if not write-protected by administrators) are completely and entirely open to being changed by anyone at all. This specifically includes pages on characters: anyone may edit them, not just the character's player.

However, this Wiki has a zero-tolerance policy concerning vandalism and libel. Appropriate action will be carried out against users who will not respect this guideline. Please exercise common courtesy, and respect other users, both in the MUSH and on the Wiki.

Pages in other namespaces are not really protected, but please think twice before editing pages in the The Yuribian Encyclopedia: namespace or other users' user-pages. (Typo corrections and so forth are always acceptable.)

Lastly, while we encourage creativity in helping us to expand upon the history and depth of Yuriba, we do ask that you do so by working with or around the already existing material and backstory. Originality is a wonderful thing, but having five different conflicting histories for the same period of time makes for less of a cohesive whole, and more of a confusing mess.

We hope that this Wiki can become a useful and enlightening resource to all users of the MUSH.

Please be aware that by writing new entries, or editing existing entries, you are agreeing to all guidelines in this entry.

Thank you.

--Ruriko 04:32, 19 Jun 2005 (UTC) (Administrator),
and assorted editors thereafter

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