Business Portals

Its physical location is a little ways south and then east of the Village Center, but by its very nature the Business Portals clearing is connected to various different locations around the island. Visually, the little hill that houses the Business Portals is quite a bizzare sight, due to the fact that every business owner that has added their own portals to the lot have their own sense of aesthetics. This lead to the clearing hosting a hodgepodge of differently styled portals. Some portals appear as glowing rifts of light, some as doorways and gates, and some as gaudy neon-clad storefronts.


The lack of roads has always made various locations on the island hard to access, and the village proper simply isn't big enough to house all of the residents and businesses on the island. As such, various residents began creating their businesses away from the village itself, but kept it easy to reach by creating magical portals that linked their stores to the main village. These portals were made through the magical and technological means of their individual creators. Sometimes they would link to other parts of the island, more often they made use of Yuriba's naturally thin dimensional barriers to create areas in other dimensions or planes that suited their own needs.

However, in 2005, the ring of magical faerie circles that link the various corners of the island was unearthed. The discovery of the faerie circles allowed residents to access previously undiscovered areas of the island. As well, it was noticed that the faerie circles themselves operated on a very structured and well organized system, with the teleporting portals starting from a hub and then branching off to lead to different areas of the island. This was considered to be superior to the portals system used by the residents up to then, as the old system merely had portals linking random places pending on their creators whims, without a clear-cut hub.

Thereafter, business and home owners began to link their own portals onto the faerie circles, making transportation around the island a much simpler task.

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