Coffee Beanz - an odd character, who seems to be quite taken by the coffee.



Coffee appears as a relatively normal person of African descent, if with somewhat unconventional looks. Her skin color is best described as coffee tinted, while hair is pure white. Other then somewhat odd "coloration", Coffee seems to be pretty average otherwise, height and weight normal for a twenty-something woman.

She could be often seen wearing white vinyl dress and go-go boots. Disco much?

Aside from that, Coffee could be often found lugging around a backpack coffee-making machine, handing out coffee at moment`s notice.

After arrival to Yuriba, Coffee had acquired a kangaroo-girl curse. She does not seem to be bothered by it, and occasionally goes out sparring in gym as kangaroo.

Short Biography

Not much is known about who Coffee Beanz used to be before Yuriba. According to her, her coffee-machine is her final project for BA in mechanics. Weather this is really so, or not, is not certain.

According to her claims, she hails from the family of African diplomats. Additionally, she claims to have some Spanish blood as well. That can account for her outlook, ostensibly.

Not much else is known about her, although not due to some kind of strictly guarded secrecy. She just does not seem to talk much about herself, unless asked.

In Yuriba, she had quietly rented herself an apartment in Underhill Apartments, and lived there ever since. Coffee teaches at Yuriban school Rinkei Gakuen. Her usual fare is naturalization lessons, although she is not adverse to teaching more traditional school subjects as well.


Coffee is pretty easy-going, common sense kind of girl. She tends to be calm, somewhat sarcastic, and usually tends not to jump into things headfirst. Her usual style revolves around the principles of bare necessities and basic comfort. Seems to work for her, at the very least.


Coffee is not a bad choice to look up when things need to be explained. Other then that, she tends to be the voice of common sense.

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