Dream Dates

Dream dates are a variety of local flora that can be found scattered around the island, but seem to grow in heaviest concentration on the lower slopes of Akibimi-san. The plant is popular among natives to the island for the many possible uses of the fruits and leaves.


The dream date is a flowering plant with soft, cherry-red stems and leaves, along with pale white and cream flowers. As the plant matures, it can grow anywhere up to four or five feet in height, and up to an arm-length in diameter. In the spring, the flowers bloom, releasing a sweet scent into the surrounding area. In later months, as the flowers fall, the plant begins to grow large clusters of nuts, similar in shape to walnuts, but the same cherry-red color as the plant itself. These nuts harden to a dark red when they are ripe, and fall to the ground, where they are carried off by smaller animals as food.


The dream date is well-known among local herbologists for many things. First, the pollens released by the flowers can induce a mild euphoric state, and are often given as gifts at the start of a date to enhance the mood. The nuts can be harvested and ground into a powder, or simply served as-is, with similar effects to the pollen. The effect is non-hallucinogenic, simply promoting a feeling of well-being. When two women in love partake of a meal in which Dream Dates have been included in the recipie, the effects generally help the two to bond and become closer to each other with the promotion of the relaxed atmosphere.

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