IC Information
Full Name: Excel
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Neko-jin
Curse: Kongqinyannichuan
Place of Origin: She does not recall where she was born.
Birthdate: 16, and apparently unchanging
Height: A little over 5 feet tall
Weight: 80 lbs.
Blood: O-
Hair Colour: Bright Pink
Eye Colour: Rich emerald green
Languages Spoken: English and broken Japanese
Occupation: Cuddly cat
OOC Information
Source: Original Character - Appearance is loosely based off Kizuna from Candidate for Goddess, as well as Excel from Excel Saga.

Excel is a young cat-girl who arrived in Yuriba around Christmas of 2002.



Before you stands a odd Neko-jin. She appears to be around the age of 16 or 17. As you begin looking at her features, the first thing you notice is her hair, which is a bright, virbrant pink. It is long enough to reach the backs of her calves, where it fans out a bit, sweeping about a foot above the ground. She doesn't keep it tied or anything, instead she lets her hair flow freely. You also notice that her ears aren't on the side of her head like a human, but on the top, two small kitty ears with thin, pink fur twitch as she listens to her surroundings and those around her. Your gaze lowers and your eyes meet her own deep emerald ones. They seem to hold a great deal of caring and loyalty. As your gaze continues to drop, you see that she has a small, almost button nose, and a small pair of lips. You notice she doesn't rely on makeup, but her natural beauty, or cuteness in this case. You look lower, past her slender neck, and see that she's wearing a lightweight cotton sundress that falls to a few inches above the knees, showing off her long, toned legs. The dress is a dark, elegant black hue, although eyelet lace around the lower hem subtly changes the look, making it more youthful and sprightly. Spaghetti straps support a ruched bodice, elastic making the fabric crinkle and cling tightly to her small bustline, showing it off. The waistline is in the empire style, so that the skirt swings loose and out from just below the bust. On the whole, it seems a delicate, airy concoction, the skirt fluttering in the lightest breeze. Her feet are adorned by a pair of black leather boots with a strap going across the top of the top


Excel is one of three sisters - the other two being Kizzy and T'larin. Excel and Kizzy are identical twins, save for their eyes, while T'larin looks very similar, save for her hair and eye color.

Excel was born in New Jersey, though by her accent it is very difficult to place where she is from. Her parents were not Neko-jin, and were very surprised to find that their daughters, all of them, were born with cat ears and tails. As Excel grew, she quickly recognized a resentment towards her and her sisters from their parents, but couldn't understand why at her early age. Later she found out that her parents were religious fanatics who believed that they had been cursed by the Devil, and that their children were demon-spawned.

After a long and extremely rough childhood, Excel ran away at the age of seven, unable to bear living with her parents. She tried to convince Kizzy and T'larin to leave as well, but T'larin still loved their parents, and Kizzy could not leave the other sister alone. So Excel left alone, first staying with some family members in Minnesota, but they, too, had a problem with her unusual ears and tail. She left there three years later at the age of ten. She wandered at that point, living on the street, and making her way slowly towards the west. It took her another six years to reach the California coast, and deciding that the Americas held no place for her, sneaked aboard a cargo ship that was heading for Japan.

The ship left dock without anyone realizing Excel was aboard. However when rations started disappearing, the crew knew someone had stowed away, and began searching. It didn't take long for her to be found, hiding among the boxes and crates below deck. The crew were baffled by her ears and tail, and the poor girl quickly found herself being teased and made fun of by the rowdy crew.

It was then that the captain came down to see why the crew had left their stations. He seemed perplexed as well by the unusual girl, but he looked past the ears and tail, and saw a scared young girl in need of help, as well as food due to having lived on the streets for so long - after all, a crew of all men finding a girl hiding on the ship was nothing but a recipe for disaster. The captain took Excel to his cabin, and let her stay there, warning the crew that if anyone should even glance at her the wrong way, he would have them thrown overboard. The days passed uneventful, and Excel found her strength returning as she was able to eat at least decently for the first time in a long while.

Excel found brief happiness on that ship - until a squall swept in. The ship was left in pieces, and the crew were all killed. Excel managed to cling to a wooded crate, holding on as the currents took her along. It was days before she spotted land - tired and fatigued, she had all but given up hope. When she saw an island, she found strength to paddle the busted crate to the shore - This is how the pink haired girl first discovered Yuriba.

Yuriban Life

Excel is a longtime resident of the island, having arrived here in the winter of 2002. Though she has left the island on occasion, she's come to call this place her home.

It didn't take long for the shy girl to come out of her shell and make a few friends - people seemed awed by her brightly colored hair, and rich, almost liquid like green eyes. The first person she met was Elena, and those two hit off with a strong friendship. Excel remembers those days, where she would meet that dear friend at The Crimson Sword & Rose for breakfast or lunch. She also remembers when Elena disappeared from the island for many years, and the heartache she felt due to that.

Excel met two other girls within days of arriving, and regaining her strength - Kloe and Misako. Excel developed a crush for Kloe early on once she realized that she liked girls far more than she ever liked boys. Kloe, however, was only on the island for a vacation, and had no intentions of liking a girl in that sense - she was completely straight. Excel found a way to accept this, and the two hit off with a strong friendship that lasted for quite some time, before Kloe fell in love with one of the few local boys on the island, and was dumped about a year after - She left the island after this heartbreak.

The other girl, Misako, was Excel's first real love. The two started off as two wonderful friends, and that relationship developed into something far deeper, very quickly. They had many happy memories together, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Misako left the island, never telling Excel where she went. Excel woke up one morning and found her love gone, never to return.

A few months after Excel had arrived on the island, her sisters, Kizzy and T'larin found their way here as well, searching for their wayward sister. Excel and the other two stayed apart for the most part, but were always there for one another if needed.

Before Misako had left, Excel had met three other girls - Shy_Angel, Ariana, and Iris. Shy_Angel became a wonderful friend to her, though since then she has not been heard from. Ariana was another friend Excel felt a great deal of loyalty and a deep caring for, and Iris was Ariana's girlfriend. Ariana left the island about a year and a half after Excel and her had become friends. Contracting an illness that she could not fight off, Ariana had left to be with her family in hopes that there would be a cure there. No one has heard from her since.

Iris and Excel were never close, that is until Ariana left. Iris had found comfort in Excel's arms, and before long, the two had fallen deeply in love. This love knew no bounds, and before long, they held a small, private wedding, pledging their hearts to one another for life. Excel met friends here and there after this, but she stayed around the house for the most part, spending the vast majority of her time with her love.

Again, though, all good things must come to an end. Their relationship lasted a strong five years - until circumstances caused Iris to lose trust and faith in the cat-girl. They had a huge fight, and Iris left the island, and Excel for good during the late months of 2010. Heartbroken and alone, Excel lost all hope. She stopped seeing her friends, and some believed she left the island because no one saw her for some time.

In November of 2010, Excel became gravely ill. Local doctors, and even the magics of the island, could not heal her, or even comfort her as the sickness caused extreme pain throughout her body. Her sister, Kizzy, chartered transportation, and quickly rushed her ill sister to the mainland of Japan, where they spent the next six months. Excel recovered, and the two sisters returned to the island. She was forced into bed rest for three months or so, until she had regained her strength. Excel has made a full recovery from the strange illness, save for a coughing fit that plagues her from time to time - the doctors said she will likely have that for the rest of her life.


Excel is a loving, deeply devoted and loyal person. She's self-sacrificing when it comes to her friends and loved ones. Oft times she is quite shy around people she doesn't know, or will become very shy if put into an uncomfortable situation.

Romantic identification

Excel drifts somewhere between monogamy and polygamy. She is unsure which she really is, as she has found that in the past, she has loved more than one person at one time with all of her heart. This has caused her a great deal of pain, and as much as she would like to force herself into monogamy, she sometimes finds herself unable to do so because of how deeply she cares for some people.

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