At first glance, most people would see Fallon as a somewhat tall, somewhat athletic, and somewhat outgoing person. In reality, the real her is pretty darn close to the unique and detailed description written above (she can even be somewhat funny at times). Twenty years old, brunette, and standing at around 5 foot nine, there's nothing particularly special or amazing that distinguishes Fallon from the large crowd of attractive twenty year old brunette girls living in the world. While her occasional attempts at humor and somewhat clumsy approach to creating new friendships elicit a few giggles and/or nasty stares from her fellow islanders. Fallon, unfortunately, has nothing else really going for her; No secret double life, no particular interesting past, not even a tail! For Fallon, life is just a day after another, with the occasional nice day that occasionally comes by and makes it all worthwhile.


Fallon is not particularly outgoing, though she does at least try when it comes to making friends. She's discovered that her most lasting friendships usually start when someone else takes the initiative and introduces himself or herself to her instead of waiting for her to approach them. The personality she has when interacting with people varies depending on how much she knows,understands, and trusts the person(s) she's with. Normally, with people who are 'neutral' in her book (Ex. New acquaintances), she'll act cordial and friendly, almost never hostile. Her mood can shift depending on how happy/unhappy she is with someone, although she leans more on the positive side in all of her moods, almost never resorting to open hostility if she can avoid it. She's also been cursed with a terrible memory, and often forgets the simplest of things, such as people's names, much to her embarrassment.


Standing at 5'9" with a slim abdomen that shows a few signs of muscle, Fallon is immediately recognized as the athletic type. She works hard to keep herself in shape and pushes many foods away from fear of putting on too many pounds. She wears her chestnut-brown hair short, cutting it so that it stops at roughly around her cheeks. Most of the time her hair is in a ponytail, wrapped with either a small yellow or red band. Her forehead is free of any spots or blemishes, save for a small, barely noticeable brown dot an inch above her right eye. Her eyes are a bright blue, a few wrinkles become visible whenever she concentrates, and her cheeks appear to be a little 'pinker' than most. She usually doesn't wear much makeup, only a touch of eyeliner and a slight brush of lipstick are distinctly visible to most people who see her.

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