Healer's Drain

A known risk to the native styles of magical healing, Healer's Drain occurs when either the healer or the person being healed has their energies drawn on to a degree that it causes physical harm or death to them. Kitsune magic relies on stimulating the natural energies of the body to heal more quickly; when used on a severely injured person, their reserves are often low enough that engaging in healing beyond basic trauma stabilization risks draining and killing them, even with a highly skilled or powerful healer. While the healer can try to use their own mana or power to supplement or replace those of the person being healed, this can also lead to draining the healer. Most commonly, Healer's Drain causes exhaustion or unconsciousness in the healer or healed. Healers that push too far beyond their own limits have been known to burn themselves out, permanently damaging or removing their healing magics, or even killing themselves. Trained native healers are intensively schooled in the signs and possible causes of Healer's Drain, and take precautions such as healing in multiple stages, arranging for additional energy sources, or relying on non-magical methods when they expect to be treating a potentially risky case. However, the lesser forms are still a common injury among healers that tend to traumas, and healers are regularly put on leave for weeks or months at a time to recover after an incident of Drain.

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