Quote: We are all part of a web of love is my duty to ensure that continues.
IC Info
Race: Human/Aeon
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Place of Origin: Aeon
Height: 1.93 m
Weight: 87.3 kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Silver
Romantic Status: Open to anyone, really.
Residence: Aeon's End
Occupation: Barmaid at Leona's Bar and Girl

source=Original Character.

OOC Info

Ielle Sive Ansimas is a resident of Yuriba, arriving right in the midst of the Eruptions of 2012.


Ielle comes from a highly technological empire called Aeon, of which she was a Knight. Not just any Knight though, but Hexagon Knight Stigma, one of the six most elite warriors in the empire, and personal guard/attendant of the High Monarch herself. She didn't have a very social life, as most of her days were spent being told by the Monarch to do some task, usually destroying something, and getting sleep. Though subservient and loyal to (and a little bit in love with) the Monarch, she was still about to be rid of, as the Knight armor has relatively adverse effects on the body, most notably mental conditions. Past the age of thirty, Knights become so unhinged as to be basically unusable, and disposing of them becomes relatively difficult. So she was sent on one last mission- to investigate dimensional rifts that occurred throughout time and space, particularly an insistent one accessible on Earth.

Upon entering Yuriban airspace, the goddesses decided having a flying death machine wasn't very preferable, and turned her into a regular human, thus dumping her in the least, she hopes this is the case. Her first day or two after washing ashore was spent with a rather nasty case of pneumonia, and her first few weeks spent quite confused as to her purpose on the island. Despite initial desires to aid the cultists destroy the island with Inishie's eruption, she decided to fight alongside those defending Yuriba instead, wishing to protect all of her friends. She lives quite peacefully now, and while a bit unhinged, she tries to mean well and only wishes to get along with everybody.


At a distance, she's calm, polite, and friendly to all those she may encounter. While often blunt in statements and confused by nuance and other aspects of people, she has no ill intent towards them, and simply has a hard time understanding what they flat-out don't explain. However, she's fallen into a half-state of adapting to the island, and more or less inserts her old way of life into her day-to-day interactions. Her statement is to protect and serve everyone upon Yuriba, and believes this is accomplished by complying with whatever one might state of her to do, and as a result is usually rather submissive and lost without a direct order. Gratefully, this isn't taken advantage of very frequently due to the people she surrounds herself with being overall pleasant, but it has happened on occasion.

With her pleasant, serene attitude comes with a few high-strung tendencies- she sees things very black and white, and any contrary action to that outlook will greatly stress her. To her, there is solution and failure, and the only path she will accept is success. She actively avoids situations which won't have direct outcomes, and to that end tends to not associate well with people who don't know clearly what they want in a person. She is also not unaware of her tendencies and the dangers associated with them, and only her inhibitions get in the way of making her outwardly express deeper confusion and slight bitterness to the nature of her surroundings. Yet she is aware as well of how this demeanor may upset others, and chooses to bottle that up, only expressing that with those she feels might understand.

The natures of knight armor's mental ties have had ever so slight corrosion upon her faculties, and as a result, has a tendency to shift personalities without provocation. This can turn out for better or worse, as often sudden shifts in mood will perturb conversation, but at other times they may sort out her thinking. Most of the time, though, it's not all that noticeable aside from a few subtle changes in outlook upon current situations. Still, the effects are there, and they seem to worsen over time. To that end, recently she has developed episodes of amnesia and panic attacks, frequently becoming absolutely unaware of her surroundings and the people within, only to recover in deep states of shock. Regardless of these obstacles, Ielle makes certain to help the island in any way she can, even if an individual asks of her something she normally wouldn't agree to. While adapting her temperament has proven difficult, she refuses to ever give up, and is devoted to fulfill any need or want anyone may have, for better or worse.

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