IC Information
Full Name: Isilme Do'Urden
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Drow Elf
Curse: Liangnyanniichuan
Place of Origin: Menzobarranzan, The Underdark
Birthdate: Unknown, even she isn't sure
Height: A little under 5 feet tall
Weight: 80 lbs.
Blood: Unknown
Hair Colour: Silvery white
Eye Colour: Pale lavender
Languages Spoken: Dark Elven(Forgotten Realms version), English
Occupation: Sword Dancer
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Isilme is a young Drow Elf girl. She arrived on the island in 2002 roughly, in the middle of winter. She mostly keeps to herself, but has been known to go to the Crimson Rose and Sword and hang out there. She's fairly timid, and easily upset if someone recognizes her for what she is.

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Isilme was born in the Underdark, within the city of the Drow, Menzobarranzan. She was supposedly destined to be a great priestess for the Drow goddess, Lloth. Upon birth everyone knew she was different because of her eye color, lavender. All other Drow Elves have a crimson color to their eyes.

As she grew, the ones put in charge of raising her discovered a very strong will, and a rebellious nature towards evil. No matter what they did, they could not bend her to their ways. At the age of twenty, when Isilme was to go to the academy, she slipped away into the wilds of the Underdark. She made her way to the surface, having heard tales of one other Drow who forsook his homeland and people, and determined to travel in his footsteps. She made her way from place to place, never settling down, as most surface folk can never accept a Drow among them.

Amazingly, she found a clan of Moon Elves who took her in, after realizing she was alone, lost, and nearly starved to death. They nurtured her back to health, and helped train her to survive in the wilds of the surface world. She spent many years with the Moon Elves, learning all she could, and helping them hunt for food with the skills they taught her. Eventually though, Isilme began to feel a throbbing in her heart, a sort of void that she had never considered before. She set out, knowing that she could not call this place her home, because it lacked one important thing. Love.

Eventually, after many years(Even she isn't sure how many now), she found her way to Yuriba. She has finally found a place that she believes she can settle down and call home, something she never considered when she left her birthplace.

Yuriban Life

Upon arriving in Yuriba in the winter of 2002, Isilme quickly discovered that she could be accepted there, among the many other various races that had come to call the island their home.

Isilme befriended Kloe, who no longer lives on the island, and came to look up to the other girl as a sort of mother that she never had. They lived together for a year or so, and when Kloe finally left for personal reasons, Isilme found that she had really not gone out and made any other friends. She set out to change that, and after a few mishaps because of her heritage, she decided to go to the hot springs, where she had heard was a good gathering place. She quickly dismissed the idea, however, because she disliked large crowds and noise. The young Drow spent most of her time down at the beach, looking out over the ocean, or at the Crimson Rose and Sword.

Some time later she met a woman by the name of Shakuno. They quickly fell in love, and during the next year, they were married and settled down. This marriage lasted happily for half a year, or a bit more, before Isilme was forced to leave the island. It was a mistake, Isilme knew, but she was forced to. Isilme had gone back to visit the Moon Elves who had saved her, only to find that in her absence, a large portion of the clan had been killed during a war. Isilme stayed on and helped them fight, sacrificing herself in the process of victory. Now, this would be the end of this girl's tale, except that her spirit was discovered by a goddess, who would not reveal herself. She granted Isilme new life in the form of her worshipers. Now she has returned to Yuriba, and realized that she has lost so much that she fought for. Shakuno, the love of her young Elven life shows no emotions towards her, and thus, Isilme decided it best that she keep to herself for now. She goes out from time to time, mostly to the Crimson Rose and Sword, but for the most part she stays at her house, deep in her studies of the arcane, trying to fight back the emotions that fight to destroy her.

Isilme has also met, and become fairly good friends with Leona, the owner of Leona's Bar and Girl. The two hang out from time to time, normally Leona going over to Isilme's house, because the Drow is very uncomfortable in crowds, and that bar can get very crowded at times. Still, she does go to the bar during off hours to visit her friend and have a friendly drink.

During mid November, Isilme met a human girl by the name of Kiku. Their relationship kicked off strong, and soon Isilme found herself developing a strong crush. Kiku accepted Isilme's request to go out, and the two have been a couple off and on since.

Isilme has recently been out more though. Claiming to just be tired of being alone at home, she goes to the Rose more often, even though the place rarely has any patrons. Still, she has managed to meet some people now that she is out and about. Of the most important ones are the wolf-girl Elly, Kotoko_Ayumi, and an Elf girl she met in the bleak hours of morning on December 1st, 2008, Clarine, who Isilme took an instant liking to.


Isilme is very timid by nature among crowds, or even one on one with someone she has not met before. Extremely shy because of the fear of someone knowing what she is, and shunning her because of it, Isilme has always had trouble making lasting friends. Isilme has made a few friends, though, and she is quite content with that for now.

Once she gets to know the person, though, she is very open about herself, able to tell what parts of her history she can remember, and go into great detail about her plans for the future.

Romantic identification

Isilme has found that she is more polygamous, and this has caused some trouble for her in her love life. Nevertheless she still feels that way, and hopes one day to find someone who can understand how she is.

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