OOC:Finger Opts

Recently added, the Finger_opts attribute is a way to add custom fields to your finger information. Okay, so how does it work? In essence:


Not so clear? That's okay. Let's say you want to set up three fields: An image field, a RP Hours field, and a Full Name field. In that case, you might set:

&finger_opts me=IMAGE|RPHOURS RP Hours|FULLNAME Full Name

You would then set:

&Image me=www.abc.com/123.jpg
&rphours me=From 2 to 7 pm Eastern
&fullname me=Betty Sue Marie Wincox-Sinclair-Estler

When someone fingered you, they'd see something like:

Finger information for Betty (Sue):

Sex: Female

Race: Human

On For: 00:00, idle 28s

Location: [Yuriba] Village Center

Note: Hi!

Image: www.abc.com/123.jpg

RP Hours: From 2 to 7 pm Eastern

Full Name: Betty Sue Marie Wincox-Sinclair-Estler

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