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Money Deposits, also known as Lilinium, Gold Bars or other colorful names, are @created objects with a cost provided at creation as a means of storing excess money. This is done due to the possibility of exceeding the hardcoded limit of 100,000 Lilies and losing any possible new income due to this cap. Most players generally do this to hoard money or to save up for something special when it appears in an auction or other venue.

The most basic deposit can be created as follows:

@create <object name>=<amount>

The most common denominations are 50,000 Lilies (known ICly as Lilinium) or 75,000 Lilies, though it's not uncommon for one to deposit 100,000 Lilies into some objects. Any amount of money can be deposited provided that the @creating player has the currency on-hand (readable via: score), though it's advised to keep some money due to PennMUSH queue costs for executing commonly used commands (eg: moving room-to-room, using puppets, ect).

An example for a @created money deposit is as follows:

@create Money Deposit=75000
@describe Money Deposit=A bank of money worth [money(me)].
@lock Money Deposit==me
@link Money Deposit=me

A player can @create as many deposits as they like provided they have the quota and money for the object in question.

To obtain the money within an item, the player must destroy the object at which time they'll receive a refund for the money which was deposited into that item.

@nuke Money Deposit

However, the wealthy player destroying the money deposit should bear in mind the hardcoded 100,000 Lilies cap: Should the amount of money on their person (again, readable via score) and the money within the deposit total greater than 100,000 Lilies, the difference upon hitting this limit will be lost.

Should Mary_Sue have 75,000 Lilies on-hand and she @nukes a deposit worth 50,000 Lilies, she'll have 100,000 Lilies on her player, but have lost 25,000 Lilies all together thanks to the cap. It's always best to put the value of a deposit within the description of an item and check it upon deletion for this reason.

Think of the money deposits like a modified piggy bank: Money goes in, cannot be added, and refunds your money to you upon its destruction. Though your wallet just has a 100,000 Lily cap.

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