Ochre Salamander

The Ochre Salamander is a native species of capsicum or chili pepper. It grows fairly common in the wilds of Yuriba, particularly in areas with rich, moist soil and without much shade. The plant is characterized both by its tendency to grow in low, bushlike stature and the shape and color of its fruit; the pepper grows in long, spindly shapes with slight curves, although curls are not too uncommon, and in colors ranging from yellow ochre to dark orange depending on how long the pepper has been given to mature and ripen.

The pepper has an average Scoville rating between 50,000 and 70,000, putting its heat on par with Thai peppers. It is therefore a common favorite of spicy food lovers and an additive in the spicier dishes of native cuisine; the pepper is also an ingredient in Yia'elue, the traditional vodka cocktail served at Yuriban Winter Solstice celebrations.

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