Powder Grapefruit

The powder grapefruit is a type of fruit that seems to be most closely related to the grapefruit species common elsewhere in the world. It is exclusive to the beaches and, to a lesser extent, the outskirts of the lowland forests of Yuriba.


The powder grapefruit tree is very similar to the trees which grow true grapefruit. At all times of the year the branches of the tree are covered with long, narrow green leaves, sometimes reaching a full meter in length, with a very light brown bark covering the rest of the tree. The flowers found on the tree during the spring and early summer months are slightly smaller than the flowers of true grapefruit trees with about a four centimeter diameter, and the four petals of the flower are yellow instead of the white flowers seen on true grapefruits.


The fruit of the tree typically appears in mid to late summer, starting out as a yellow fruit identical to the true grapefruit, but as it begins to ripen, at the end of summer, it is seen with a thick covering of sweet white powder and a skin thin enough to be bitten and eaten along with the fruit. The powder on the grapefruit has a taste somewhat like that of sugar, and is sometimes used on its own as a sweetener. Like the true grapefruit, the inside of the fruit is yellow and segmented with a somewhat sour taste.

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