Rakuko Grauhimmel is a third generation humanoid, built for the amassment of Knowledge. Built from strange hybrid metals and interlaced with organic materials, Rakuko is capable of self-education and self-correction.

Rakuko Grauhimmel
IC Information
Race: Humanoid
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Unknown
Age: 24 (apparently)
Birthplace: Japan
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Coral green. Black. Blue. White
Eye Color: Varying between grey and blue
Residence: Unknown
Hobbies: Exploring, discovering
Likes: Stories, good company
OOC |Info
Source: Original Character

Physical Appearances

Rakuko is built to stand at an average build, most likely to help her mingle among the subjects she studies. Her frame is relatively small, but sleek and graceful. A surge of energy always radiates from her eyes, constantly varying in colours as she interacts with her surroundings.

Precision seems to be the highlight of Rakuko, her razor sharp features placed at exact coordinates on her face against her bronzed features.


The woman is mostly approachable but has been mistaken by many to be arrogant, due to their lack of understanding for the woman. Deadly logical and observant, Rakuko picks up colloquial traits and slight gestures readily. However, with new acquaintances, she may fail to comprehend and therefore offend.

Rakuko seems to have an amusement for everything in the world and readily displays her own sense of humour among people whom she has been around long enough. There is an intensified energy within her to find out about everything in the world, as if trying to connect to very core of reason itself.

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