This article refers to the fire elemental.

Salamanders are the elemental being associated with fire.



Similar to someone with an exceptionally high metabolism, salamanders consume themselves at an accelerated rate that results in them having a tendency to look slender and on the shorter side of average. Permanently tanned skin tones are common amongst the salamanders, but not universal.


Among the various species of Underhill, salamander's have one of the shortest average lifespans. Much like their element, they live short, highly energetic lives. The easiest measure is against the average lifespan of humans, with salamanders tending to live about twice as long as their human counterparts.


A salamander's power manifests most often as the capacity to communicate with fire. To people without the ability, it may appear that they are controlling the fire, but a salamander can no more control a fire than a human can control a pet. They can potentially train or befriend the fire, but the decision to obey ultimately lay with the fire itself. As a result, a salamander will often spend time communing with a certain fire before asking anything of it. The brevity of most fires often means that a salamander will find themselves dealing quite often with the extinguishment of a known entity, resulting in a certain familiarity with death.


Out of necessity, salamanders are one of the most insular of the species of Underhill. While all four basic elements have the capacity to cause serious damage, the possibility is most inherent when dealing with fire. Younger salamanders are particularly prone to this, as a combination of their manifesting abilities and the inability to comprehend that other species may not be quite so fire proof.

In keeping with the personality of their patron deity, the salamanders prefer to remain aloof and detached from the rest of Underhill, while retaining friendly relations. While certainly not xenophobic, they are reluctant to incorporate themselves into the rest of Underhill entirely.

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