Siduri Azagnanna

Siduri Azagnanna
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IC Info
Race: Metahuman (Serpent)/Living Shade
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Women
Age: It's complicated
Date of Birth: 01-Ero-378 AF
Place of Origin: The Darkenwood forest / The Shadow Realm
Height: 4'
Weight: Negligible
Eye Color: Coal grey/Purple
Hair Color: Ink black/Darkfire
Bloodtype: Toxic, unclassifiable
Sign: Aries
Hobbies: Observing, reminiscing
Favorite Things: Steadiness, honesty, kindheartedness
Dislikes: Crowds, fickleness
Romantic Status: Divorced multiple times, engaged to Ada Valencourt. Dating Muffin
Romantic Identification: Picky polyamorous, open to casual flings
Religion: Aarash Kheyr
Residence: The Azagnannan Retreat
Occupation: Spy Mistress, Assassin
OOC Info
Source: Original character
Player: User:Siduri
Other Characters: Berenice

Born on the first of Ero, 378 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, Siduri Azagnanna has recently found her way to Yuriba. She describes herself as 'on vacation' whenever prompted about her presence in Yuriba, and speaks of her work in her home world as ongoing and active. The truth of the matter is that time flows differently between the Shadows: she is travelling to Yuriba a day of every month spent in her home world, making her appear as a permanent fixture both for the Yuribans and for her organization.


Siduri is the daughter of Abryn, and the mother of many children, both Yuribans and foreign. Among her Yuriba-frequenting bloodline are Verania, Lirenel and Tetora.

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To distance herself from her sisters, ages ago, Siduri founded her own brood, dubbed Azagnanna ('of the Moon Serpent'), whose objective is to preserve the purity of the serpent-class metahuman specie.


Siduri was born with characteristic mutations, believed to have been caused by the sheer quantity of Chaotic energies to which she was exposed before birth. Latent in most of her home world's humanoids, these mutations have been fully embraced and cultivated among the Azagnannan brood: high blood toxicity, serpentine fangs coupled with versatile venom production, and the ability to vibrate herself out of phase with the material plane, rendering her invisible and intangible. The presence of her loyal asp companion, Shibbu, often being the only telltale sign of her invisible presence.


Siduri began her training as a Serpent among the Dawnstriders' Assassins Guild, located in the now-sunken city-state of Shallam. There she mastered the use of whip, dirk and archery for fighting purpose. Her sisters Terra and Ayana enlisting in the Shadowsnakes of Ashtan and in the Mhaldorian Naga respectively. Threading the fine line between Light and Darkness, Siduri eventually broke her sacred oaths to Good and was cast into a stasis prison for two centuries.


During her two hundred years of captivity, Siduri was gifted visions of numerous futures, and lived many different, full lives, which all ended badly. Only one vision was left incomplete, her slumber interrupted by the beat of the drums announcing the founding of Targossas, city of Light and Fire. Awoken at last, and freed by the prior destruction of her city by Bal'Met, the Worldreaver, Siduri renewed her oaths to Good and entered the service of Lady Aurora, as Prophet of Truth.


Near the end of the seventh Achaean century, Siduri participated in the reformation of the ancient order of the Luminai as it grew into a full-fledged, modern House. Previously the coordinating arm of the Church's holy crusade against Occultism, the new Luminai would double as the eyes and ears of the city of Targossas, spearheading the new inquisition efforts and brokering information across the continent.

In 683 AF, at the age of 304 years, Siduri ascended from her position as High Mercator to the rank of Eminent Master of the Luminai, thus becoming head of her world's most extensive intelligence service. She has retired from service as Eminent Master around the year 700 AF, stepping down in favour of her apprentice, Quisse Wintermourne.

Fourty years later, as Quisse grew weary and longed for rest, Siduri was called back from retirement to serve again in her old station, but did not prove successful in reanimating it.


In the aftermath of the Second Mhaldorian Wars, Siduri was awarded the medal of Wartime Excellence for securing the final victory over the heretics of the West during the Battle of Riparium. She announced her permanent retirement at the end of her Triumph through the streets of Targossas in 748 AF, leaving her mark in military history as the Tidebreaker. To this day, tales of the CTS Resilient's final stand over the Eusian Ocean are still recounted in the ports of Achaea.

She has now established herself in Yuriba as a full-time resident to live her retirement in peace much to Ada's relief.


Siduri is known to be overly cautious in her initial approaches to people. With time, however, she has met a number of recurring lovers and friends. Her relationship with her colleague Ada Valencourt is, however, the most prevalent and stable of them all. She spends most of her time in the latter's company, with Muffin, or with Kayo.

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