Skye Yamashima
IC Information
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Species: Cat-Girl
Place of Origin: Midwest United States
Birthdate: July 18, 1997 (16 years)
Height: 5'6.5" (168.91cm)
Hair Color: Light Brown with Blonde Highlights
Eye Color: Bright blue
Romantic Identification: Monogamous
Romantic Status: Single
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Skye arrived to the island on March 11, 2013, much to her surprise. She quickly met up with a few people she became fast friends with and eventually spent time simply napping at Leona's Bar. Now she has disappeared completely, and it's unknown just where she disappeared to...


Skye is generally asleep. Whether or not this is due to the fact she is a cat-girl, one is hard-pressed to find her awake. When she is awake, she is extremely cheerful and happy. She likes pets and snuggles and pouncing people she likes is always a fun activity. Skye is usually quick to help her friends, but she's no mind reader. One needs to go up to Skye and prod her until she's awake before requesting anything. She has become more confident with strangers, losing her stutter. She does, however, remain rather polite no matter who she encounters. The Japanese suffixes '-san' and '-chan' will usually be used (depending on closeness and/or personal requests). Most strangers are addressed as 'Stranger-san', which tends to get confusing as more and more people who Skye doesn't know show up.


Skye is a cat-girl who definitely looks her age. She has shoulder-length hair that is light brown with natural blonde highlights. Most often it is down and straight. Being a cat-girl, she has two cat-ears atop her head that poke out from her hair. They twitch and wiggle quite a bit. She's also got a tail that is very long and it's typically moving. The fur on both tail and ears is an even lighter shade of brown than her hair, making it seem almost golden. Skye is 5'6.75" and weighs a bit less 120lbs. She has a small bust, around an A cup. Her small figure, despite being average height, may make her seem very cute. And even more-so because she's a cat. She enjoys wearing dresses and skirts up throughout the year, with the exception of wintertime. Cold weather results in her curling up in a warm spot somewhere while wearing some nice sweatpants/leggings (depends on her mood) and a sweatshirt.


Skye was once in a relationship that sparked when she first got to the island, but it seems to have disappeared as she's seen the girl less and less.

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