The Huntress and Black Fox Tail

These two overlapping constellations also have overlapping legends. The legend of the Huntress is likely the oldest legend regarding the stars, having numerous records and slightly different versions kept in the various libraries. The most common legend is that early inhabitants of the island subsisted purely upon fish and gathered fruit and vegetables, but due to the unusual heat of one summer, there was very little in their winter stores. While the elders of the village discussed what to do, the stars of the Huntress blazed to life in the sky, animating and moving, showing them how to hunt. A light was said to descend upon the people from the cluster of stars, filling them with the knowledge of the hunt and preservation, saving the small village from starvation over the winter.

The legend of Black Fox Tail is that the belt of stars which go about the Huntresses waist is the last tail of the first black kitsune. Legend holds her to have been an amazing huntress, and that the Goddesses placed a memorial to her within the best known image of a huntress that the society knew.

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