Vriska Serket

Vriska Serket
IC Information
Full Name: Serket, Vriska
Trolltag: arachnidsGrip
Gender/Sexuality: Female/bluh
Species: Troll
Place of Origin: Alternia
Age/Birthdate: 12 solar cycles (26)
Height: 5'5"
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black on yellow
Romantic Status: Moirallegiance (Kanaya Maryam)
Romantic Identification: BLUH BLUH
Occupation: Thief of Light
Quirk: Tends to 8e a wee 8it overdramaaaaaaaatic
Likes: Nick Cage, irons in the fire, taunting people, FLARPing, petticoat seagrifts, stabbing backs, spiders, the number 8, manipul8ion, recreational apocalypse causing
Dislikes: Tavros, meddlefriends, stepping on dropped D4s, magic 8-balls, her lusus, just about everything at some level
OOC Information
Source: Homestuck

Vriska Serket is a Troll from Alternia who arrived in Yuriba in late November 2010. Of Yuriba's Troll contingent she is easily the most disagreeable and tends to interact with people mainly by putting them down and stabbing them in the back.

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