Brush rabbit

A local Yuriban species of leporid, the brush rabbit comes in both wild and domesticated forms. As the name hints, they commonly live in the scrublands and underbrush of Yuriba, being particularly fond of building dens near sun berry bushes. The brush rabbit is slightly smaller than the common American cottontail or European rabbit, but only by a matter of about one inch in length and height. Their coat coloring shifts through the year, tending towards soft gray in spring, dark gray or brown in summer, light tan in fall, and white or pale grey in winter. However, Yuriba being Yuriba, niche populations can be found with more unusual coloring. (For example, rabbit colonies that den near Yami no Matsui often have black for year round.)

Rabbit is a fairly common food for many native species, both hunted wild and raised as livestock. They are also kept for their fur and hides. One quirk of Yuriban natives is a tendency towards some superstition regarding the rabbits place as Harumeku's sacred animal; many natives will not eat rabbit during the months of March, April, and May, and some pick animals from their breeding stock to use as devotions to Harumeku. Rabbits chosen as such are never slaughtered and are instead used solely for breeding then treated like pampered pets once they reach old age.

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