The word fauna is a collective term for animal life particular to a region or time. In this case, this would be the island of Yuriba and it's native animals, whether mammalian, amphoidian, reptiloid, insectoid, or avian.

Despite its isolated nature, Yuriba has a fair amount of what can be considered "native" fauna. These are mostly animals that came to the island through some means or another--possibly through temporal distortions caused by the island's large number of powerful ley lines or forms of dimensional or spatial transfer. Over time, the antecendent species too have absorbed a bit of magic into themselves as well, resulting in new, native species such as the chic deer.

Space constraints have guaranteed that most native fauna are somewhat lacking in biological diversity. Therefore, drastic shifts in species can happen quickly, even before the effects of the heavily magic laced atmosphere are brought into consideration.


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