IC Information
Species: Wolfgirl
Place of Origin: Japan
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Dark brown with lighter streaks
Eye Color: Yellow
Occupation: Sentry of Engetsu
Romantic Status: Involved (breisleach)
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Cassidy, the sentry of the goddess Engetsu, is not often seen in crowded places, and so very little is publicly known about her. For a span of several years she disappeared completely, but for some time now she has once again been living in Yuriba.


Formerly a very shy girl, Cassidy still doesn't speak freely to strangers and will stay away from crowds, although how much of that is only habit nowadays is hard to tell. She holds her feelings close to her chest and will only rarely speak of her past - and on those occasions the information divulged will sometimes be hard to interpret.

Being a wolfgirl, the blessing hit her personality more than most, and since becoming a sentry she has been in very close contact with Engetsu. This helped her self-control somehow, but exactly what has happened during her long absenses remains unknown. What is known (and fairly obvious) is that she still has a lot of the wolf in her. Her clothes will often be dirty or torn, and her food habits have been called barbaric by more than one person.

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