Engetsu-san is one of Yuriba's mountains, located in the northeastern sector of the island. Slightly the shorter of the two easily accessible mountains, Engetsu is named after an ancient moon goddess. Local legends claim that the mountain is, in fact, the body of this 'Second Moon' Goddess, who crashed into the earth. Many of the buildings and areas on Engetsu-san are considered sacred, some of the better known being the Lost Woods, and what is often referred to as Megami Temple. A unique aspect to Engetsu-san's slopes is a strange optical lighting trick that has been noticed. Simply put, at night, the higher one travels upon Engetsu-san the more ambient light seems to be present from stars. Many point out that the higher one travels on Engetsu-san the less foliage there is to dampen the light. However this strange phenomenon persists even on clouded evenings. Many star gazers enjoy ascending Engetsu-san for its unparalleled view of the night sky and particularly breathtaking view of the moon. Due to the softer slopes, Engetsu-san also allows for a particularly good high-height panoramic view of the village to the south.

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