Yuriba is located rather ambiguously upon maps, partly due to the lack of explorers, and also due to the unusually powerful ley lines that pass through the vicinity of the island, creating an effect not unlike that of the Bermuda Triangle. Indeed, for those who know, Yuriba is placed somewhere off the coast of Japan, within the region known as the "Devil's Triangle." While accounts vary, Yuriba is said to be somewhere in the vicinity of 200 to 400 kilometers off the coast of Yokohama, in a general southeasterly direction. While typically not seen as part of Japan proper, the island itself was most likely still formed by the same volcanic activity that shaped the rest of the islands.

Dimensionally, however, Yuriba appears to exist within a space-time "wrinkle", serving as a default location for people who have become lost in their inter-dimensional travels.


As Yuriba was created by volcanic activity, the island has three accessible peaks at the northern end; Akibimi-san in the west, Engetsu-san in the east, and Inishie-san in the far northeast. Only Inishie-san is considered to be actively volcanic, with a low risk of eruption. Inishie-san is even less accessible than the other two.

Further down, the mountains taper off considerably into a heavily forested "middle area". Despite this, residents have planted homes and opened businesses in this area, typically wherever there are clearings, although it is not unheard of for homes and businesses to be found amongst or even in the trees themselves.

To the south of the forests is what is typically seen as the "village" of Yuriba. It should also be noted that the island has mini-island to the east of the village called Maboroshi, where Yuriba's largest public beach and boardwalk is situated. Smaller islands and islets are fairly common in the southern and western sea areas.

The bulk of the island is located west of the village and the settled area. At present, it is largely unexplored and unreliably accessible in whole or part, although more adventurous types sometimes make forays that way. Another method sometimes used is using a boat to follow the coast, allowing access to some beaches. Aerially, it is visible that there is a large harbor or cove in the far north and east; this is beloved to be the ruins of Ravensport and has proven to be inaccessible by land, air, or sea, with attempts to visit ending in unexpected diversions to areas elsewhere.


Due to Yuriba's latitude, the island also has a variable climate, rather cold in the winter, to very warm in the summer. Yuriba also has high rates of precipitation, typically either rain or snow.

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