Gadget Hackwrench is slightly obsessed mouse engineer with flair for making things tick.



Gadget Hackwrench is a mouse. A six-foot tall, blonde, blue-eyed, blue coveralls wearing mouse, complete with fur, tail, big ears, buck teeth and small snout. She`s bipedal, however, and has hair like a human. She often carries some tools with her, seeing as she's always tinkering with one thing or another.

During cold weather, Gadget usually wears winter clothes - blue, but much more warm and protective than her usual coveralls. But even if it's warm, she tries not to show too much fur.

Short Biography

OOC Notes
Yes, Gadget is based on the mouse from Chip&Dale Rescue Rangers cartoon. But no, she is NOT looking for someone to RP other characters from cartoon (considering most of them are guys, it'd be arduous to pick another female to RP, first off). Moreover, Gadget is not used for any sort of profit, either.

Gadget is a natural engineer. With mind-bogglingly high IQ, knack for mechanics, and an airplane pilot for a father, she had probably built her first machine before learning to walk. Given, that she spent most of her life as a normal-sized mouse in New-York circa 1960, she is very apt at using junk to jury-rig her inventions. While some of them are very useful, she is quite often a victim of her own passion for engineering and a fair number of her machines were either entirely too kooky, or build to test or exploit one particular idea or environment.

This trait was her one-way ticket to Yuriba - during experimentation with anti-gravity carpet procured from a mad scientist something went horribly awry, and Gadget had ended up on the other side of Earth, forty years in future, and enlarged to human size.

Before this accident, Gadget was employed as a member of the Rescue Rangers - a group of intelligent rodents acting as law enforcers/vigilantes filling in where police would not. Namely, kooky cases, mostly tied with crackpot scientist, rat gangsters, and a cat kingpin.

After arrival to Yuriba and conclusive proof that traveling back was impossible, Gadget settled down, and opened the General Store - a shop dealing simple necessities (mostly, food ingredients and household items). She has a partner and roommate named Iui Fusion with whom she runs the shop. It is important to note that Gadget is not involved romantically with Iui, whom has a girlfriend.


Gadget is usually found tinkering with things at home. At times, she can be spotted relaxing in the springs, drinking mocha in The Dragon's Brew, or reading in the Yuriba Free Library.

She is pretty reserved, pretty curious, and pretty naive, despite having a big amount of theoretical knowledge. She is known for omitting and declining any offer at intimacy, however, claiming that she is not able to return the affection and does not wants to lead people on.

In certain cases (exceedingly rare), Gadget could be angered past the limits of her reserve - in which case, she is quite likely to threaten and (or) inflict some violent action upon the aggravating person. It should be noted, however, that it is possible to reel her up like that only by attacking her close friends repeatedly or doing something overwhelmingly rotten in her presence.


Gadget is the person to ask for assistance - provided this assistance is not a pretext for sex.

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