The Dragon’s Brew

The Dragon’s Brew is owned by Atara, with breisleach having tended to it during the dragonesses' periods off the island, the pair running it together currently. Primarily run by the barista, Kia White, the Brew offers a large variety of coffee, tea, and other drinks from around the world. The Dragon’s Brew also sports a selection of desserts for enjoyment in its cozy, intimate setting, inside on the couches or outside on the patio. The shop is particularly heavily frequented in winter, perhaps due to the wood burning stove that heats the room thoroughly. At one point larger windows were added, granting a greater view to the forest and river outside, as well as opening up a back porch and yard area open down to the Yuriba River, featuring a fire pit and fishing spot. Soups and sandwiches were the most recent addition to the menu, offering a light fare to go with a spot of tea.

In 2019, Atara sought a place to house one of her pianos and opted to use a corner of the shop for it, going so far as to offer several other instruments for sale. Her repair skills have also been offered in conjunction with the sale, as well as lessons on several levels, Atara having the ability to play all of the offered instruments at a casual level at least, her skill greatest with the piano.

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