Lesley Alice Piper
Quote: "Yay.'"
IC Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Birthdate: February 17th, 1988
Birth Place: Adelaide, Australia
Height: 6'2"
Blood Type: B
Hair Color: Blue (Naturally Black)
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Residence: Yuriban Subterranean, Huge Cave
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous
Romantic Status: Married: Zheng

Lesley Piper, or Les as she is commonly known, is a girl from Adelaide, Australia. She is a cheerful girl that usually seems hyper energetic.


Health Issues

Lesley suffers from a unique case of vocal disorder call Bogart-Bacall Syndrome. From early childhood Lesley has experienced extreme vocal fatigue when talking, usually resulting in hurting her throat. Because of her condition, Lesley has adapted to only speak in Monosyllables. Despite her condition, Lesley seems to have a pleasant sounding voice. Over the years at Yuriba, Lesley has begun to train her voice to overcome her disorder.


To compensate for her communication problems, Lesley is a very physical and active person. She always appears to be in a cheerful mood, often unable to stay still for too long. She is frequently quick to distraction, making her seem unpredictable at times. She seems quite clueless at times, though she does tend to have the ability to learn things very quickly without trying.

Skills and Hobbies

The energetic girl has a passion for running. She seems to run around the island as fast as she can more than anything else. Lesley is also a formidable kick boxer. She practices the Savate style of kickboxing, which focuses on grappling and graceful kicking techniques. Lesley is also fluent in Australian Sign Language, though is rarely able to communicate with it.


Lesley was brought up as an only child in Adelaide, Australia. She had a mother and a father and lived a seemingly normal life. At school, she seemed to achieve exceedingly well at nearly everything she did without trying too hard. As she grew to start finding girls attractive she became the subject of teasing by her fellow classmates. This soon changed however when she took up kickboxing and coincidentally the teasing stopped. After she graduated from school one year early she moved around a lot. After months of travelling she decided to finally settle down at Yuriba.

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