Polyamory is a descriptive term used to define the state of being open to or a participant in more than one intimate relationship at a time. Specifically, polyamory assumes that both partners have some form of understanding and foreknowledge that they are involved with others. It is directly contrasted to monogamy, where one only engages in a single intimate relationship at a time. A polyamorous lifestyle does not necessarily entail always being involved in multiple relationships. Many of those who identify as emotionally suited to a polyamorous lifestyle are single or involved in monogamous relationships.

Polyamory should not be confused with sexual availability, cheating, or a large number of casual relationships. Simply, having lots of sex does not make one polyamorous; polyamory typically refers to emotionally intimate relationships.

Cultural acceptance

The native Yuriban culture is accepting of polyamory to the point where it is the primary relationship model. While there are monogamous couples, they comprise a minority of the native populace, and many of them tend to consist of polyamorous individuals currently involved in only one relationship. The relationship style a Yuriban individual follows is considered a matter of personal preference. In general, natives tend to practice a form of open, disclosed polyamory in which it is expected that all participants keep each other informed in order to avoid emotional turmoil and where partners are not necessarily involved with the same people. Some couples elect to follow non-disclosure in their relationships, being aware and accepting that their partners are involved with others but choosing to avoid discussing such in detail. Closed, multi-person relationships, such as triads or quartets are another form of polyamory sometimes seen in Yuriba.


A number of visiting foreigners come from religious or social backgrounds which frown on polyamory, while others lack the Yuriban familiarity with it. However, the high prevalence of polyamory on the island suggests that a large number of Yuriban visitors are either comfortable with such relationships or have adapted to it.

Individuals taking part in a large number of casual sexual relationships often self-identify as polyamorous, but this is not necessarily the case.


While the exact numbers have varied, census data suggests that over time, roughly half of Yuribans self-identify as polyamorous.

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