Maria is a fairly recent resident of Yuriba, arriving in September of 2006. She is also one of the first (if not THE first) moogle-girl to appear on the island.



Name: Maria Vestin

Age: 17

Birthdate: April 19th (her real birthdate is unknown, so she instead celebrates her birthday on April 19th, the day she was adopted.)

Race: Moogle-girl/Shadow-moogle (The latter being her Jusenkyou curse)

Hair/fur color: Silver

Eye color: Green (left eye), Red (right eye)

Likes: Kupo nuts, chocolate, fireplaces, ear scritches.


Maria, having never known her real parents, was adopted at the age of three and lived with her adopted mother in the enigmatic Northwest (Maria never says anything about it, except for the name.) Due to her mother's overprotective nature, Maria was homeschooled and never got to meet many kids her age for most of her life. Finally at the age of 15 Maria, anxious to meet other kids her age and make friends, insisted that she be allowed to attend a public school. While Maria had been quite shy before, attending a public school allowed her to come out of her shell. It is also where she discovered her strange feelings for other girls. She eventually came to terms with being a lesbian, but she was never able to tell her mother (which is one of her great regrets.)

Shortly after her 17th birthday, Maria began to wonder if there were other moogles out there like herself. Eventually, she decided to go on a journey to find out for herself. This journey eventually took her to Yuriba...

Life on Yuriba


(taken from her desc)

You see moogle-girl, about 17 or 18. Her silver hair comes down to shoulder length in the back, and partially obscures her face in front. A red fuzzy pom-pom portrudes from the top of her head from an antenna and hangs down just above her face. She also has large furry white ears. On closer inspection you see she has two different colored eyes; the left one a bright green and the right one an equally bright red.

She's dressed in a black undershirt and pants, the pants held up with a belt and the undershirt covering her arms completely and ending in a pair of white cuffs. Over this she wears a long dark green coat that comes down to knee level. The coat has no sleeves, and instead covers her shoulders with black trim at the ends. This trim can also be seen along the collar and the inside of the coat. Two belts connect it together at chest level, and two slits can be seen in the back from which a pair of red wings stick out of the her back. The wings vaguely resemble bat wings, but are rounded at the top, with the bottom containing curvy points. They don't seem big enough to fly with, only slightly extending past her shoulders.

Her figure can't be seen very well through the coat, but she seems rather slender and with a comparitively small to moderate bust size. She also seems rather short; not too short but short enough to be noticable. She seems to have a rather childlike enthusiasm despite her age, and can often be seen nibbling on the tip of her thumb when she's thinking or listening intently.


Maria tries hard to be outgoing, but occasionally she'll lapse back into her original shyness. She's generally a very happy person and seems to make friends easily. She's also very affectionate, displaying her affection (usually through nuzzling up to them and such) to her friends and sometimes even strangers if she likes them enough. It's also VERY hard to make her angry.

She, unfortunately, has some big flaws in her personality. She can somewhat be described as a doormat and a people pleaser. She likes to make people happy, sometimes at her own expense. She also rarely stands up for herself on her own, and is very reluctant to bring up things that might upset other people.


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