Coral Rainwater
Quote: "Boobies."
IC Info
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: United States
Height: 5'5"-5'6"
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Pink
Likes: Water
Dislikes: Drama
Romantic Status:  ?
Romantic Identification:  ?
Occupation: Evil potentate of the Hot Springs
OOC Info
Source: Original Character
Player: User:Coral

Her Majesty Evil Empress Rainwater, Coral Sands, Satan, and finally, Coral , is a pink-haired young lady, infamous as a fixture at the local Hot Spring. Though called things such as "popular", she likes to consider herself more "lucky" than anything else.



In a freak accident that nobody really understands (including herself), Coral found herself in Yuriba after a bad pizza induced semi-coma that kept her unconcious for nearly two weeks. One of the longer residents of the Island, Coral likes to consider herself an "Oldbie", and takes pride for being there as long as she has. She currently has no intention of leaving Yuriba, though she's come close several times.


Coral prides herself on her personality, and considers herself quite unique from other people in that respect. She's generally friendly, and probably acts like that one guy in your circle of friends who's sort of a jerk, but a well meaning one. She's usually playful, mostly snide, often witty, always flirty, and totally random. She prefers water, and if she’s not out someplace eating, she can usually be found at either the public Hot Spring, at the Wild Hare Inn’s open air bath, or the Wading pools at the beach, if it’s warm enough.


Coral has claimed at one time or another to be a Queen, Empress, Porn Star, College Student, Cook, and even a Sociologist. However, as noted above, Ms. Rainwater is random, and might have made up these “Professions” because they sounded cool at the time. However, one or two of them are probably true…

"Don't forget ta pay tribute."

Accent and Catchphrases

As a Young Woman from the Southern United States, Coral’s accent has a noticeable twinge of the Deep South. However, it’s also laced with Irish, and what Coral calls “Pirate’s Cant”, the stereotypical drawl of old Pirate Captains. Her catchphrases usually don’t make any sense at all, blurting out things such as “boobies”, “pie”, or something else completely at random.

Hobbies, likes and preferences

As stated above, Coral loves water of any kind, provided it's not too cold. She loves to eat, and it's apparent that she does *something* to keep herself in shape, as she usually eats quite a bit. She has a weakness for Pizza, Chinese food, seafood, and all manner of sweets, including the Butter Cookies at The Dragon's Brew. She also loves any sort of 'ade' (Lemonade, Orangeade, Limeade), or just a glass of cold water. She prefers the company of others, usually a couple of good friends at a time.

Pet Peeves

Coral considers herself to be a Yuriban ‘veteran’ as it were, and as such, she’s seen most of the quirky tendencies of the island several times. Among her highest pet peeves however, are dishonesty, phoniness, and blatant, outright, shameless perversion... When it's not kept in check, of course...

Important People

Ms. Rainwater has several friends and acquantinces, but among those she is closest to are Alyssia, Nezuma, Tiza, Allya, and Shadji. She is also friends with Rae, Skyelin, and Shego. Though claming to dislike her quite a bit, Coral also likes to have Zana around, if for nothing else than to trade insults with.

Though there are quite a few notable people Ms. Rainwater seriously dislikes, those names will not be documented here.

And Finally…


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