Omertà Sheep

Omertà Sheep are a native form of ruminant of the genus Ovis. Immigrants to Yuriba often have no trouble identifying the species as sheep as they look very similar to the Bighorn Sheep of North America. More often than not however a newcomer will comment on the unusual number of males as all Omertà Sheep posses impressive curled horns. This is of course a mistake, as like all native Yuriban species Omertà Sheep are always female. Omertà Sheep are a herding animal and are generally found in groups ranging from as few as 8 to as many as 20 individuals. The local preference seems to be to refer to these groups as mobs rather than flocks or herds.

Omertà Sheep are highly territorial and will aggressively use their massive horns to eject any creature or person who enters the turf of their particular mob, even if this is another Omertà Sheep. Thankfully however the species's prime environment tends to be the rocky upper slopes of Yuriba's three mountains where they graze on the hearty grasses.

One unique feature of note is the Omertà Sheep's distinct lack of vocalization, the animals quite simply are not heard to make any sort of cry or vocal signal. There is some speculation as to the reason for this, though no clear answer has as of yet been provided. Some claim that the Sheep do indeed vocalize, but only do so when no one is around. One immigrant upon discovery of the species dubbed them as Omertà, and the name seems to have stuck.

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