Passionberries are a type of fruit native to Yuriba.

Appearance and Characteristics

The passionberry bush is considered to be one of the island's most treasured botanical delicacies. The plants grow as bushes that tend to cluster around the trunks of trees, especially those close to streams. These bushes are never more than two feet high, with spindly branches and dark green, oar-shaped leaves. The actual berry grows in clusters at the end of the branches. Individual passionberries are round and about the size of a blueberry, recognizable by their pale white-orange colour.

Passionberries cannot coexist with Angstflowers. Should the two types of plant grow near each other their roots will become tangled and both plants will slowly die.

Effects and Usage

Passionberries are notable for their emotional effects. When ingested or smelled they have a powerful pleasing effect, pushing away negative emotions and producing feelings of cheer, warmth, and delight - though not of an erotic sort. As such they have several uses. Most obviously they are a delicious form of fruit, similar in taste to peaches but sweeter and lighter, and are often eaten by the bowl, especially with cream. They can easily be made into a juice. Essence of passionberry is often used to create perfumes, soaps, lotions, and shampoos of extremely pleasing scent. Passionberry wine is considered an extremely romantic drink and is often shared by lovers during intimate moments, as the method of fermenting and distilling used to make the wine heightens the berries' emotion-altering qualities away from joy and towards romantic passion.

It must be noted that passionberries have absolutely no inherent aphrodisiac traits. Their effects do not arouse sexual ardor, merely joy and warm feelings. Any aphrodisiac qualities the berries induce are derived from the process of fermenting and distilling them into alcohol.

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