Red Burr Goat

The Red Burr Goat is a native Yuriban species, moderately common in the wilds on the island and very common Underhill as a domesticated animal. The goats are named for the hair on their foreheads, which tends to grow very bristly and in a variety of natural shades of red. The rest of the animal's fur comes in a range of reds, whites, blacks, browns, and grays. As the only native species, they tend to serve nearly all of the typical goat uses; the heavy winter coat is gathered and used to spin fiber by natives, the goat's milk and cheeses derived from it are popular in native dishes, and the meat is eaten as well. Wild goats are somewhat shy and usually prefer the high grounds of the foothills and mountains, being most commonly spotted in those regions where their nimble gait allows them to traverse terrain difficult for humanoids.

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