Seraph Salmon

A form of freshwater fish found in Yuriba's waterways, Seraph Salmon are so named because they are extremely effective biofilters of both physical toxins as well as magical corruption. The mere presence of Seraph Salmon in a polluted body of water will, with time, erase all traces of the polluting agent. In large part because of this ability, Seraph Salmon are an endangered species after a long history of overfishing by those who dared to visit the island. Folk legend states that if one's crimes are so heinous that no other form of penance will suffice, but desires to find true redemption, that successfully catching and consuming a Seraph Salmon will accomplish this, restoring one to a state of moral purity and cleanliness. This has made them a popular black market item in some spheres of Underhill.

In truth, it is worth noting that consuming Seraph Salmon is a very risky venture. For uncertain reasons, but likely relating to the level of toxins and corruption in their bodies, many people become gravely ill after eating it. Death as a result is also not uncommon. Since it is also conservationally protected, it is now extremely rare for Seraph Salmon to be caught and served.

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