Shego is an easy-going, hard-hitting alpha female. She's easily annoyed by illogical, ridiculous, and angsty things, but when those are not present, she is generally a nice conversionalist.


Shego has olive toned skin, with tints of grass green, especially when she blushes from frost. Aside from that, Shego has a long mane of black hair, and rather correct face features.

She is of normal height for a female and of normal proportions. Her moods, however, leave much to be desired. While not really violent without reason, Shego has both a short temper and a sarcastic personality.

Aiding in her explosive character, Shego has limited power of plasma-throwing. She claims that at the moment, she is only powerful enough to light a cigarette with her fingertip.

Short Biography

OOC Notes
Shego, obviously, is a character from the 'Kim Possible' Disney show. However, similarities are superficial, and while the player admits that the TV show's Shego was the basis, this character is not connected with the show other then in her background. If you want to play out someone from the show, fine, but don't expect special treatment because of it. Furthermore, this character is not used for any sort of gain.

Shego is the one of the Go siblings. She claims that Go Team was just too moronic for her to tolerate, but some tongue slips hint that them being males also had a role in alienating her.

Working for people with questionable motives (read - criminal masterminds with bend for world domination) for some time, Shego settled down for awhile, being second in command to Dr. Drakken. She herself explains that the doctor was both smart enough to offer a tolerable pay and stupid enough to fail every time in his attempts to take over the world, thus resulting both in stable work for Shego and stable cover-up for doing next to nothing.

Apparently, Shego decided that cover is no longer needed after a few years, leaving the doctor to his fates and moving to Yuriba. She mentions some mishap at the Geekfest 2004 as a pivotal point in this decision, but does not seems to wish to explain more then that.

In Yuriba, Shego had led remarkably quiet life for someone with such an explosive background. Her days mainly consist of relaxing at home, cooking, meeting some girls (A bit too many to mention here.), and drinking at local bars. She was frequenting the Yuriban Gym, until it was closed for repairs. She could also be seen sometimes in the Hot Springs.

Recently, Shego had adopted monosyllabic girl named Lesley as her daughter. They seem to fit pretty well together, despite drastically different behaviours and moods.

About the most significant thing Shego has done is making up a map of Yuriba. She keeps updating it whenever possible, and keeps it pinned to the billboard at the Village Center.

(Optimised Map at Photobucket. Compatibility Map at Photobucket.)


Shego prefers 'live easy' type of living. She does whatever she wants, when she wants, with whom she wants, never bothering to let herself get tied down. She is known to be unwilling to accept someone as a girlfriend, let alone a wife, despite having a lot of lovers.

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