Shipon is a human female who arrived in Yuriba in May of 2003 due to unknown reasons.

In fact, not a lot of information regarding Shipon is quite known due to her being reclusive, seldom seen outside of a tent in the woods.


At one point in time she associated with Hannah O'Malley, some would say that she and the bunny-girl were rather close friends before her departure from the island.

During 2004 she was romantically linked with Rae-Anne Anderson for a short period before they split.

Since the minor earthquakes of 2005 her tent has relocated from the Yuriba Forest to another location, however it would appear as if only Miyako Tanaka and Shay Black know of this location, given as when the reclusive woman does venture outside of her tent she's usually always spotted with one of the entrepreneurs.

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