Shay Black
Quote: "Rawr!"
IC Info
Race: Human
Curse: Henyanniichuan
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 27
Date of Birth: September 6, 1984
Place of Origin: United States
Height: 5'4"
Sign: Virgo
Hobbies: Guitar
Romantic Status: Single
Religion: Cultist
Residence: Zeal
Occupation: Member, Town Council
Crimson Rose and Sword
New Moon Eatery
Sun Lily Suites
Casey's Garden
OOC Info
Source: Original Character
Player: User:Shay

Shay Black is a Henyanniichuan-cursed human girl in her late twenties. She arrived in Yuriba during the summer of 2003 with the intent of just visiting, but she has since abandoned any plans to return home. A dedicated lurker, she occasionally appears in public, though this tends to entail her standing around doing nothing.


Physical Description

In her normal human form Shay has wild, closely cut purple hair and dark grey eyes. She sports a number of piercings, among them a barbell through her eyebrow, another through her tongue, and a vertical labret through her lower lip as well as a number of piercings along her ears. Her features are generally spritelike, with a smallish nose and large, widely-spaced eyes.

Recently Shay seems to have gained the Henyanniichuan curse, seemingly via experimentation with the mysterious Yuriban Tarot. Her current form manifests via a head of black hair; with markings in white and red that mirror those of a Red-crowned Crane, as well a a pair of slender white feathered wings. In addition her eyes have become more bird-like, now nearly completely black.

Ms. Black can almost always be seen carrying a black Fender Stratocaster guitar with white sakura petal designs as well as a much decorated messenger bag.

Shay Art


Psychological Profile

General Personality

Shay's personality has been noted as distinctly bizarre in that she seems to have little attachment to reality or to rules of "normal" behavior. Though she is reclusive, she will occasionally appear in the Village Center, where she divides her time between staring emptily into space and blurting bizarre phrases, often exchanging assorted in-jokes with her closest friend, Miyako Tanaka.

She seems to show little interest in the world around her and prefers to keep to herself. Despite this, those close to her claim that she is surprisingly sensible and quick-witted, a trait that has become more and more prevalent as the woman matures.

Ms. Black is an extremely versatile tradeswoman and has worked in the past as a musician, tattoo artist, body piercer, tailor, animal tamer, archaeologist, and cartographer. She considers herself a Jack-of-all-trades and has adapted her wide skill set into a minor business empire, with part-ownership of a number of different ventures. Outside of this, her voice appears to carry some weight on the island due to her bureaucratic position with the Town Council.

Romantic Preferences

Shay appears to have no romantic preferences at all. She has occasionally joked that she will sell her body for ten lilies, but few; including herself, take this seriously.


Most of Shay's time is spent in the company of Miyako Tanaka, though she can often be seen in the company of Rae-Anne Anderson. She counts Athame, Rianna, and Allya among her friends and is close to a number of others in Yuriba. Of course, her primary allegiance is to the mysterious entity known only as Panda.

She is known as Amber to many, though the reason for this is unclear to all but her closest friends.

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