Silverbough is a region in northern Yuriba, lying on the western slope of Akibimi-san. It consists of a mountain lake lying in a shallow valley between Akibimi-san and a ridge of much smaller mountain peaks to the west, accessible by way of the Whitewood Trail. The region is said to have garnered its name from the makeup of the forest surrounding the lake: it consists heavily of Whitewood Pear trees, known for their silver leaves and white blossoms. The lake itself appears to be fed by a stream of snowmelt running down from Akibimi-san, though it's unclear if it has an actual outlet in its own right. Regardless the lake's waters are notable for their remarkable clarity and their tendency to form a perfectly flat, smooth ice surface in the winter.

The region shows some evidence of past habitation by the Lily Civilization in the form of large menhirs, though some are in a state of collapse. The valley is also home to a number of Chic Deer, and the Fan-Tailed Sparrow is a frequent visitor. Native tradition also places a shrine to Fuyuzora in the lake's general vicinity.

The region is accessible by taking a turn west off the southwestern Maple Circle.

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