Thalamasa D'vire
Quote: "I know a lot of things. It's just not many are useful."
IC Info
Race: Human?
Gender: Female
Age: 'Yes'.
Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Grey
Bloodtype: O-
Religion: Agnostic
Residence: Homeless
Occupation: Plot Expositioner
OOC Info
Source: Original
Notes: Thalamasa has been approximately everywhere, or at least a place very like it. For this reason, she often recognizes characters who may have no idea who she is. She's rarely ever involved in the plot, and only has seen it from the sidelines. If you're terribly uncomfortable with such shenanigans, simply inform via OOC or page, and nothing terrible will happen. Honest

Thalamasa D'vire is a longtime resident of Yuriba. Despite an absence for a few years, she's known by many of the old timers. A couple people even /like/ her. She was a supervillain, a landlord (these are often considered one and the same anyway), and appears to currently exposition plot to make a 'living'.



When the universe was new, and planets were floating about a bit aimlessly, and stars hadn't quite decided to form up into constellations yet, the powers that be (Or you can say it's simply chance, Thal isn't really sure anymore and doesn't particularly care) noted a high level of entropic magical material in one spot. (Or entropy! Take your choice.) As we all know, entropy isn't useful for anything, and it's particularly untidy to have in such a young universe, so they decided to do what all housekeepers do--sweep it under the rug. In this case, that means sealing it inside an immortal vessel for all eternity.

I know what you're thinking. You know what you're thinking. Does being a vessel for entropy give you all sorts of awesome powers and tricks? No, not especially--there was no reason to give Thal any of that, she'd only make a fuss, and we really don't want to make her important in the scheme of things. No, she's as weak as any human, except for one thing. Should she die, (And she can't die of old age.) she reappears somewhere else a week later, fully grown and intact. It is, essentially, as if she had the infinite life cheat.

Where's somewhere else? It could be ten feet away from where she died, it could be dimensions away. Yuriba, and other dimensional sinkhole type places, tend to skew the ratio, and she'll often be stuck there for some time.

Regardless, there are billions of years to fill up between then and now, and to expedite the process, I'll list the highlights.

That wasn't so bad, wasn't it?

History on Yuriba

Thal's earliest days appear to have been lost to the vagaries of time. She refers to them as her bad days, and usually does not elucidate further. Regardless, at some point she became the proprietor of Riverview Apartments. Adding several stories, and a lounge, she held it for some time. During this period, she became Yuriba's Evil Overlord, and Tantin her Evil Sidekick. Though she was woefully inept at actually striking fear into the heart of Yuriba's citizens, her position prevented anyone more competent or dangerous from taking her position, or, in fact, taking any position of striking fear into the hearts of Yuriba's citizens. She was often praised for this, much to her dismay.

She returned again briefly months later, mostly seeming to be on a sort of crusade to remove people she decided were damaging to the village's integrity, and again faded into the mists of time.

Less than a month after Inishie-san exploded, Thal returned yet again. Having noted a decided upsurge in what she referred to as 'narrative expedition', she seems to have taken the position of attempting to guess people's pasts and futures, and act as a narrator of sorts to the village. For some reason, this includes attempting to decipher Yuriba's history and magic, as well as the locations of its springs.

At some point, she decided that Sior seemed like a good sort to snuggle up to. For some reason, it appears to be working out.

Myria is kinda obsessed with Thal. Sort of like the sun is a little bit hot.

Thal holds a degree of (at least outward) distrust towards the butterfly Flit-chan, whom she'll constantly denounce whenever both happen to be present in the same location. Flit-chan, for her part, is utterly oblivious to this.

Magic-related Shenanigans

For some reason, despite the fact she's seen more of the workings of the arcane than most everyone else in all of existence, Thalamasa is incapable of using any. She can use magical artifacts, magical energy can be drained from her, but even if she uses the correct spell components, and recites the words exactly, she is unable to so much as produce a ripple on the astral plane.

She has no aura. Things that tell whether she's alive say she's alive, but she produces no aura of any kind. She also appears to have no fate of any kind. Peers into crystal balls and such are not hazy, but simply do not show anything at all. She claims to be 'the lint under fate's carpet', as it were, and such proposes that she has no fate at all.

For some reason, this lack of fate does not render her immune to magics which /affect/ her fate. Should she be cursed, for instance, for a fish to fall on her head in five days, this will happen, and also be divinable. Anything else, however, remains blank.

The entropy sealed within her is sealed particularly well. If you are the sort of person who can will things retroactively out of existence in the blink of an eye, it is conceivable you might break it within the lifespan of all existence. It is extremely hard to sense, unless you know what you're looking for, and are very good at looking for it.

Healing magics are a touchy issue for Thal, and may or may not work. Nature-based healing seems to be the most effective, and gives Thal the fewest and least severe side effects.

Knowledge Ranks

Thal theoretically knows how to make water into wine. She theoretically knows how to build four-dimensional houses out of construction paper. She has seen civilizations grow, crumble, rebuild, crumble, and get struck by a giant meteor.

For some reason, she appears to have yet to bother to remember information regarding all of this technology and magic that would actually allow her to effectively recreate it. It's not entirely clear what terrifying things could be wrought were she actually to go about doing it, or even if she's capable.

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