Riverview Apartments

The Riverview Apartments are Yuriba's largest and best known apartment complex. Established in 2002 it has had a number of previous managers, including, Erika Mac, Thalamasa, Rylia, and Tanaku. As of 2006 Alice has gained control of the building and has been operating the complex since. The apartment building is located on Sand Lily Road; thusly, the western apartments overlook the Yuriba River but due to it's fairly northern location, the eastern side overlooks Yuriba Park rather than the ocean.

Riverview is one of the few multistory buildings in Yuriba, making it stand out, and among those it is the tallest at four stories. The complex includes rooftop lounge, the largest collection of vending machines on the island, it's own geothermal power source, and a public laundry facility. While there are generally a few openings, at times of high immigration rates there can be competition for space.

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