The Baby Seal

The Baby Seal is owned, operated, and maintained by Allya. Set up to resemble a seedy dive of ill repute, the establishment serves a variety of unhealthy foods and beverages all pretentiously named in order to provide satirical jabs at some of Yuriba's long gone Otakunese residents. Much of their fresh food comes from Roberta's Farm. Since 2013 Allya has been readily annexing nearby lots and land to increase the size of the Seal and offer new services.


The Baby Seal Club offers many services to the discerning patron.

The Bar serves food and drinks to anyone who comes in, though customers under the age of 18 are banned from alcohol. There are several booths to sit at, a karaoke machine, a playable piano on the stage, and finally an oft forgotten pool table.

The Tigermeow and Allya Memorial Theater (2013) or T&A Memorial Theater offers a place for budding thespians to put on their own stage shows from fashion to plays. It is open to the public to use at any time.

The Gift Store (2014) is where many Baby Seal related things can be purchased up to and including: music albums, dolls, plushies, pin-up posters, t-shirts, and body pillows.

The Nightshade Butterfly Garden (2014) is a heated greenhouse of bright blooming plants. Inside the greenhouse is an extraordinary amount of butterflies that lounge about. The goal of this structure is to provide a warm, heated, bright and colorful place in the rough Yuriban winter months.

The Baby Seal Swimming Emporium (2014) is a large swimming pool with a diving board and outdoor tanning area that is perfect for lounging and cooling off during the summertime. The pool is heated in winter to allow for use. Furthermore, due to Allya's abilities, the pool has been secured to prevent drowning via magic, and no precipitation falls into the area without first being allowed by Allya - thusly allowing swimming on a snowy day.

The Baby Seal Sauna Emporium (2015) is a large sauna built for the steam-related business of being all hot and in a sauna. Located beside the pool, it is a good place to stay warm and social.

It was discovered that the Jiaonyannichuan spring is housed in a cave under the bar but is currently sealed away from the general public.

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