IC Information
Full Name: Rim Young-shin
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Human
Place of Origin: Haeju, North Korea
Birthdate: March 21, 1965
Height: 5'7"- 1mt 75cm
Blood: AB+
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Languages Spoken: English, Korean, French
Occupation: Psychologist
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Young-shin arrived in Yuriba, after retiring from the military because of an injury that caused the loss of her left arm and eye. She heard of the island from a resident that had been in her care some years before and decided to move there to enjoy peace and relaxation at least for a while.


Born in North Korea, she lived in the city of Haeju with her family for 15 years, until they managed to flee to the south and gain their freedom. After living in South Korea for about a year, the family moved to France, where Young-shin could complete proper studies and later enrol in university to study Psychology. Having experienced semi-analphabetism and poverty in North Korea served her as a lesson to always take her studies very seriously, which allowed her to be a brilliant student until she managed to earn a doctorate at the age of 25.

After her graduation she returned to South Korea, where she opened her own studio. She eventually married a man when she turned 32; although the two loved and respected each other very much, Young-shin could not resist the temptation to have an illicit affair with another woman. Despite being exposed and forgiven once, the woman would do the same mistake one more time, leading to the end of her marriage in 1994. Regretting her foolishness, Young-shin refused any alimony her former husband was ready to offer her to make herself a new life, knowing that she had no right to leech off the good man she had betrayed.

At the age of 35, she decided to close her studio and enlist in a military legion to put her abilities at the service of those who would fight the same evils that had made her childhood so difficult. Her degree allowed her to enter without passing trough the lowest ranks and climb directly to the rank of 2nd lieutenant in less than 4 years. During her service as a military psychologist she developed an higher sensibility to the problems of less fortunate people and an open hostility towards dishonest ones with low morals. In her last years of service, an inhabitant of Yuriba, Falcio, was in her care and made her learn about the existence of the island; it was her who suggested him to retire to preserve his mental sanity after years of continued fighting. By monitoring the retired officer she learned several things about Yuriba and the thought of enjoying that peculiar place crossed her mind several times.

Her career came to a sudden halt in January 2010, while she was serving in a field hospital set up for humanitarian purposes in Afghanistan. Caught up in the explosion caused by an islamic suicide bomber, she suffered grave injuries that caused her to lose the left eye and have her left arm amputated. Having become unfit for military service, she was dismissed with a pension after her recovery.

Having lost her job and the accommodation it provided at the age of 45, the woman returned to South Korea for a short time, in search for a new purpose in life, however her two lovers turned her away and the only help she would find would be offered by her former husband, with whom she has always been on good terms with. She eventually decided to move to Yuriba so she wouldn’t have to be a burden on any of the people she respects. At the end of September 2010 she finally arrived on the island, ready to start a new, peaceful life. However the idyllic image she had of the place upon her arrival slowly changed to a less pleasant one, as she feels that the culture of the island and the behaviour of many inhabitants has too many traits in common with the dictatorship she fled from during her youth.


Young-shin is always calm and collected. Wanting to enjoy tranquillity and relaxation, she is unlikely to ever become angry, or at least to show that she is; in fact, she would normally refuse to talk to rude people unless she had a good reason to. Even if she had to argue with someone, one will never see her lose her temper Although she prefers peace and tranquillity, she is pretty sociable and friendly; she doesn’t mind being in crowded places. She is often concerned with the impression she might give out to others, which is why she normally chooses, when in public, to use a prosthetic eye in place of the one she lacks, but she does nothing to hide the missing arm, even though she hates jokes on her disabilities. Despite not being shy at all, she will try to keep some distance from others upon first contact to avoid clashing with people that cannot be reasoned with. Her life and working experience taught her to be diffident towards certain people, even more so in a place like Yuriba, where she often feels she's finding hypocrisy and irrationality. While she avoids seeing her interlocutors as patients to analyse, she is normally alert to what they might be thinking, to make sure she doesn’t have to deal with unpleasant people.

Romantic identification

Young-shin always thought of herself as bisexual; at first it was perhaps as a form of rebellion towards the oppressive marxist society in which she was born and raised, but when her father finally took her to a free country, she couldn't help but feel captivated by the different concept of femininity she found in South Korea that was otherwise unthinkable to see in the North. She was, however, also disgusted by the blatant victimism promoted by some ideologies radicalised in the westernised society. All these factors made her have a taste for women while having, at the same time, no doubts about her preference towards men. While she thinks fondly of the idea of having a partner that would care for her only, like it was in the days in which she was married to her former husband, she likes the thought of finding herself in a relation with more people than two people, as long as they all deeply care for each other. She hopes to find a new romantic love, but, not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the past, she knows full well that she'll unlikely find that during her time in Yuriba.

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