IC Information
Full Name: Falcio Toshiba
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Human
Curse: Nyanniichuan
Place of Origin: Assisi, Italy
Birthdate: July 31, 1985
Height: 5'6"- 1mt 70cm
Weight: 63Kg – 139pounds
Blood: 0+
Hair Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Variable; Right eye Green/Left eye Brown; Red
Languages Spoken: English, Italian, French, Spanish
Occupation: Writer, Toshiba Market Employee

Falcio [Fal'tcho] is a human adventurer who arrived in Yuriba in May 2002 and is one of the few males on the island. Cursed by the Nyanniichuan waters, he can occasionally be seen wandering in the form of a young woman. He can usually be found in the Toshiba Market working, but is always open to greet those who stop by and listen to his stories. Italian by birth, this man is known to speak at least four languages nearly perfectly but a soft Italian accent and the misunderstanding of most slangs sometimes give away the fact that he’s not from any English speaking country.



Born in the Italian sacred city of Assisi in 1985 from a well-off family, his life was ordinary for a short period. Falcio began adventuring when he was just 5. At first he took it as a game but things became harder day by day and eventually, he decided to quit studies to become a journeyman at the age of 14. As his desire to fight evil grew stronger, Falcio started cooperating with the Italian Police, at first to disrupt at least dark cults of humans supporting the daemonic force he quested against but eventually he began addressing other matters as well, by his own initiative, thinking he should do anything in his power to help others. After the rise of islamic terrorism in 2001, Falcio began addressing himself on international matters other than magic and dungeons; his contacts within worldwide police provided him with several means of contributing to the fight against all sorts of criminality – so much that after heavily pestering Italian mafia he had to change his name and nationality at age 16. At the age of 17 he was examined by a military legion for his stealth talents but only started active service as soon as he turned 18; he served as a pilot and commando, filling both roles in a severely understaffed force. Adventuring in magic dungeons and taking up arms in military operations kept happening until, at the age of 19, Falcio finally completed the quest from where everything had started. However, the rampaging terrorism and it's communist allies called him to keep fighting in the military for what he considers right; which he kept doing until March 2008, time in which he finally retired to settle in Yuriba. He now keeps going against those same evils by writing articles on the things he experienced.

Yuriban Life

In May 2002, after a long journey, Falcio decided to take a vacation somewhere calm and peaceful. His travel agent pointed out Yuriba as a newly built village for tourists so the adventurer was happy to go there on a break, also because he had to stay away from Europe and hide from the mafia for a while. At the age of 16, Falcio's life on the island began; he wasn't told about the peculiarity of the island so in the first two days he disguised himself as a girl and claimed to be named Falcia. He gave up his disguise very quickly and after spending two weeks in Yuriba he left the island, but the relaxation he could find in that place and the possibility to make friends made him wish to return after a few of months and visit as often as possible even without actually living on the island.

At the age of 17 he made friends with Ruri and eventually the two became lovers. Ruri shortly thereafter married Ryuune and Keikero in a polygamous relationship. Even though Falcio and Ruri never officially broke up, the girl eventually left the island.

It was in company of Ruri, that, at the age of 17, Falcio accidentally fell in the Nyanniichuan cursed spring; even if later on he managed to remove the curse, it somehow came back after 24 hours, which convinced him to just accept having to live with it.

Around his 18th birthday, Falcio casually encountered the neko-jin Kizzy; after spending about a year together, the two took a liking to each other and were lovers for several months. A few months before turning 20, Falcio finally completed his main quest and defeated the dark force that had brought him to take on such a life. Despite being happy of having more time to spend with his lover, the two never met again.

While still hoping to see Kizzy again, in September 2005 he met Ami and Emi, with whom he soon became friends. Even if Ami and Falcio seemed to be romantically interested in one other, Ami eventually began visiting the village very rarely; Emi soon became Falcio’s best friend. Emi got married to Mia in October 2005 so the relationship between her and Falcio remained mostly one of friendship for a long time. After two years, he realised that he loved Emi like no one else before but couldn’t even confess to her, even if Emi’s was known to reciprocate the feeling; The relation between Mia and Emi eventually deteriorated, with Mia having become abusive towards her wife and daughter. Despite Falcio’s best efforts to help the couple, the two divorced in January 2008.

Two months later, Falcio and Emi, still felt deeply in love with one other and decided to get married and live together. Despite the controversy arose by an heterosexual marriage taking place on the island, their union had the approval of all of their friends and of Jessica Alrlirk, the priestess that married them. Feeling that the countless battles were making a dent in his mental sanity, Falcio retired from the military to live with Emi and the daughter she had from Mia, Alice Toshiba. In respect for the traditions of the island, he gave up his last name to take Emi’s: Toshiba. Falcio’s new occupations became taking care of the house, help Emi managing her shop, the Toshiba Market, and write, independently, brief articles, mostly concerning human rights issues in communist and islamic countries.

In January 2011, the Toshiba family left the island for a short vacation period so that Falcio and Emi could conceive a daughter of their own. Despite the successful attempt, when they returned to Yuriba, the island magic somehow affected Emi’s pregnancy, like it had previously happened with her previous spouse; although the two tried to study the phenomenon, they could never find out how did the pregnancy was inexplicably sped up. Eventually, the child was born in June of the same year and took the name of Anna Toshiba. Still mysteriously affected by the magic of the island and, probably, by that used by Emi to conceive Alice with Mia, the child grew to the age of 13 in a single night, becoming a healthy young girl that is now actively part of the Toshiba Family.

At the age of 29, Falcio's hair have prematurely started going white; a sign of the toll that the less glamorous part of his life of adventures had taken on body and mind. The process seemed to come to a completion soon after he turned 32; he tried dying his hair back to their original colour a few times, but soon grew tired of bothering with that and decided to accept them the way they have become, even encouraged by his wife having a thing for the new colour.


Falcio in both forms

Kind and shy, Falcio is easily embarrassed but doesn't ever mind talking to people or guiding people in their choices for foodstuff. Being a straight man in a village of lesbian women, he knows that he's generally looked down upon and avoids crowded places, never even taking part in conversations if not invited. Apparently calm and simple minded, Falcio actually hides a very deep personality and even has an unlimited amount of stories he could tell, along with knowledge to share, but usually keeps quiet unless else is needed. Of course it does make him happy whenever someone caring listens to all the things he'd have to say to the world or find him trustworthy enough to ask him for insights. Falcio often seems like he has an all-business attitude when working in the Toshiba Market, but never forgets to put all his warmth in talking to the customers, so as not to pointlessly appear cold and detached. Be it advices on how to cook or adventure stories, there's always a lot to hear from him.

Romantic identification

Identifying himself as monoamorous, Falcio doesn’t seem to ever take any romantic interest in anyone except his wife and doesn't have much of a social life either; he’ll keep loyal to Emi even while accepting her polyamorous style, loving her too much to actually feel attracted to other women. While never ignoring the affection of others, he never feels them to be more than friends to him. Also, knowing how people is sometimes hostile towards men in the village, more often than not he will be cautious about treating them informally.

Curse Issues

As much as Falcio tries to be in his true form most of the times, he can sometimes be found in his cursed form, although never with a particular purpose. When someone meets him in his altered form he acts normaly, but if asked he never lies about his nature and will immediately point it out if necessary. Falcio dislikes it when people prefers his female body over his natural form, especially if they eventually prove hostile upon finding out about his true nature. Even while having been targeted several times with sexist comments and acts of misandry and heterophobia, he never tried to hide behind his curse or lie about his sexuality. Even in Female form, Falcio considers himself a heterosexual male.


Notable People

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